Richard Swart

Crowdfunding and Global Challenges

    I recently published a report with Mary Milner addressing how crowdfunding models can be used to address global challenges across multi-national networks.   What is fascinating is how rapidly the nature of conversations about crowdfunding is changing among top policy makers, corporate leaders and… Read More

A $710 Million Crowdfinanced Company: An Alternative to Venture Capital

Last week the UC Berkeley case study on Sanovas Inc., the San Rafael California Life Science accelerator was presented  at the JP Morgan Chase OneMed conference to a packed audience of over 120 investors.  I presented the case study, which is the first in a… Read More

Perspective: Title III, Title IV and the Politics of Regulation

  In my May 2014 article, “The Bell Tolls for Title III”, I laid out the reasons why it was highly unlikely that the SEC would issue Title III rules before the November elections and predicted that should the Senate flip to Republican control, we… Read More

Academics Discuss Crowdfunding: What the Ivory Tower Has to Say

Emerging issues in Crowdfunding Research Are Topic of Discussion as Crowdfunding is Dissected at Leading Academic Conference. How far we have come! Two years ago crowdfunding was seen as little more than an interesting phenomenon, not particularly worthy of study. At this year’s Academy of Management… Read More

The Bell Tolls for Title III Crowdfunding

After more than two years of waiting, the news from Capitol Hill is not good.  The JOBS Act was a political compromise passed by Congress in 2012 due to several layered political agendas. Unfortunately, the provisions of the JOBS act, as enacted in Title III,… Read More

The Truth About Crowd Selection & Crowdfunding Success

Dr. Richard Swart, a crowdfunding research authority and one of the leading thinkers on crowdfunding globally, has agreed to write a series of articles addressing key questions about crowdfunding. The first discusses a key question driven by the observation that organizations that successfully crowdfund appear to… Read More

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