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Paul Niederer Joins KoreConX Team in Australia

Paul Niederer, the former CEO of Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) – one of the first securities crowdfunding platforms in the world, has joined KoreConX to lead the expansion of the platform in Australia. Niederer is well known in Fintech circles for his experience… Read More

Paul Niederer Slams Australian Crowdfunding Legislation in Public Comment

Paul Niederer, former CEO of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) – the very first platform established to raise capital online, posted a comment letter in response to the proposed Australian Crowd-Sourced Funding Bill (crowdfunding for the rest of the world). Never one to… Read More

ASSOB Tells the Australian Government What is Wrong About Proposed Equity Crowdfunding Rules

New regulations designed to facilitate investment crowdfunding are weaving their way through the rule making process in Australia. Recently proposed rules have engendered both support and criticism. This past December, the Aussie Senate referred the updated proposal of the “Crowd-Sourced Funding Bill” to the Economics… Read More

ASSOB: “Responsible Crowdfunding Platforms are Vitally Necessary.”

ASSOB‘s new CEO Will Leitch took to the pages of the Australian to laud the new investment crowdfunding rules (or Crowd-sourced funding as they call it down under). ASSOB is perhaps the oldest crowdfunding platform in the world and a trailblazer in the space.  Leitch… Read More

Crowdsourcing Week to Crowdfund on Crowdcube

Event organizer Crowdsourcing Week has decided to launch an equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube in the coming weeks. In a note to followers, founder and CEO Epi Ludvik Nekaj announced the funding round: As you may know, as a bootstrapped company since 2013, our small… Read More

Regulators Need to Forget Yesterday Says Niederer. Look to Tomorrow & Embrace Equity Crowdfunding

Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB  – a trailblazing investment crowdfunding platform in Australia, makes a very valid point. Regulators are too rooted in the past and they are at risk of botching the future as the finance industry inevitably moves online. Australia is in the… Read More

Niederer: Proposed Australian Regulatory Framework for Crowdfunding is Wrong

Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB – one of the very first investment crowdfunding platforms ever, has shared his opinion of the recently published a regulatory framework for crowdfunding in Australia and, in brief, he thinks it is wrong. Forest for the Trees Niedierer believes the… Read More

SME Bonds Launched by Founding Director & Chairman of ASSOB

Anthony Puls, the Founding Director & Chairman of ASSOB – one of the trailblazers of the investment crowdfunding space, has launched a new web site touting SME Bonds. The financial vehicle is said to be already available in Australia and New Zealand and targets startups and early… Read More

Should You Raise Capital by Equity Crowdfunding? Paul Niederer Helps You Decide

Founder and CEO of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) Paul Niederer has tackled a persistent question: Should you use equity crowdfunding to raise capital for your company?  Niederer has created a “fundability” diagram to help potential issuers decide whether to move forward –… Read More

Aussie Government Official Says Peer to Peer Lending Requires Greater Regulatory Oversight

Aussie MP and Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was quoted on new forms of finance this past week indicating peer to peer lending requires further regulatory oversight.  This is according to a report in Mortgage Business.  Frydenberg was quoted at the Stockbrokers Association of Australia Conference in Sydney… Read More

CFIA Initiates National Equity Crowdfunding Survey for Australia

The Crowdfunding Institute of Australia has launched a survey on equity crowdfunding to measure interest and awareness for the budding investment crowdfunding industry. The purpose of the survey is said to be to provide a nationally representative response to the Australian government’s recent discussion paper titled “Crowd-sourced Equity Funding”…. Read More

Niederer: Unaccredited Equity Crowdfunding Needs to Have Light Touch Investor Regulation to be Successful

Paul Niederer is not one to mince words. Having been around the block more than once, Niederer gives good advice.  When it comes to new forms of finance he speaks from experience, not just unhindered opinion.  The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), a company… Read More

Paul Niederer on Crowdfunding Regulations: Regulators & Legislators Often Have No Expertise in Small Business & Startup Ecosystem

Paul Niederer, founder of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) and crowdfunding protagonist, has tackled the global regulatory regimes around the world as they attempt to create rules for the new forms of finance. Niederer criticizes most approaches stating: “The [regulatory] implementation balance to… Read More

Paul Niederer: Investing from the Crowd Starts with Friends and Family

Paul Niederer and his investment crowdfunding platform, The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), started doing equity crowdfunding before the term was even coined.  The entire global crowdfunding industry has looked towards Australia for their experience garnered from years of actual practice.  ASSOB has raised… Read More

Crowdfunding Trailblazer ASSOB Launches First Regional Hub

  The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board or ASSOB has taken a new strategic shift by announcing the first regional funding hub located in Cairns.  Expectations are for this new initiative to be expanded into other regions across the country over the coming months. ASSOB… Read More

Equitise is Ready for Australian Equity Crowdfunding

Equitise has signaled their confidence the Australian government will move forward with the recommendations by the CAMAC report that advocates streamlining capital formation for small business.  Equitise is an equity crowdfunding platform that is already accepting registrants from both investors and entrepreneurs in anticipation of… Read More

Paul Niederer: Wisdom Gained from $11.4 Million in Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding champion Paul Niederer, the founder of ASSOB – one of the earliest equity crowdfunding platforms around, recently shared some insight into his experience with investment crowdfunding.  ASSOB or the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.  He has incorporated some actual empirical data regarding this new form of… Read More

Does Crowdfunding Create Crowd Euphoria?

Esteemed global banking group, Deutsche Bank, recently posed this very question:  Does crowd euphoria impair risk consciousness? The question comes as many countries legalize investment crowdfunding and the US plods towards allowing greater access to capital via participation of the crowd.  This is an important… Read More

Paul Niederer Charts Equity Crowdfunding Path for Australia

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board, otherwise known as ASSOB, has been a recognized trailblazer of sorts in the investment crowdfunding world.  The platform has raised over $138 million for more than 300 small companies over the past few years.  ASSOB has been an oft… Read More

Paul Niederer: The Global Status of Crowdfunding (Video)

This past April, Crowdsourcing Week held their global conference in Singapore.  The gathering included many presentations on the global movement of crowdsourcing as well as multiple sessions on crowdfunding.  Paul Niederer, founder of and CEO of ASSOB – an equity crowdfunding platform based in Australia… Read More

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