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Tornado.Cash Site Down, Reports of an Arrest in the Netherlands

Earlier this week, the US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash. OFAC claims that Tornado has been utilized by North Korea and its “malicious cyber activities and money-laundering of stolen virtual currency.” Interestingly, Tornado received some support… Read More

Circle Won’t Support Ethereum Forks Following Merge

As Ethereum nears the Merge, some blockchain proponents are poised to fork and maintain legacy Ethereum. As was recently reported, EthereumPow (or proof of work) is almost ready to go with certain exchanges announcing possible support. One of the largest crypt operations in the world… Read More

CFTC Charges Individual, His Parents and His Firm in $12 Million Digital Asset Ploy

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has filed charges against Rathnakishore Giri and his firms, NBD Eidetic Capital, LLC and SR Private Equity, LLC, alleging digital asset trading ploy that pilfered $12 million from unsuspecting investors. The CFTC also filed charges against Giri’s parents, Giri Subramani and… Read More

OurCrowd Launches Foodtech Fund Providing Immediate Diversification for Investors in Hot Sector

OurCrowd, a leading global investment crowdfunding platform, has launched a new Foodtech fund – joining its portfolio of other funds available for smaller investors. According to the offering page, the OurCrowd FoodTech Fund (OC FoodTech) is seeking a raise of $30 million that will enable… Read More

Bryan Zhang, Director of CCAF, Appointed as Chair of Open Banking Committee, Strategic Working Group

Earlier this year, the UK FCA, PSR, CMA, and HM Treasury published a joint statement on the future of open banking (open finance), while announcing the creation of a joint regulatory oversight committee designed to improve adoption. The committee is co-chaired by the FCA Executive… Read More

Elliptic: $540 Million Laundered by Cross Chain Bridge RenBridge

Elliptic, a crypto intelligence firm, has published an interesting blog post on the use, or abuse of, cross-chain bridges to launder funds. A cross-chain bridge allows value to hop to different blockchains. While utilized by legitimate platforms, cross-chain bridges have also caught the attention of… Read More

Former SEC Official Slams Stablecoins: “Neither stable nor coins”

While stablecoins continue to grow in usage while garnering legislative attention that may provide a regulatory regime to propel them further, some industry observers are non-believers of fiat-backed crypto. John Reed Stark, a frequent critic of crypto and former SEC official who previously ran the… Read More

Structured.fi Launches Service in El Salvador

Structured.fi has launched its mobile service in El Salvador, a country that has embraced Bitcoin by making it legal tender. Millions in El Salvador are already using the Chivo digital wallet for transactions. Structured.fi is offering a platform that enables investing in both traditional and… Read More

Predictive Crypto Risk Platform Merkle Science Extends Series A, Tops $24 Million

Merkle Science has extended its Series A funding as more money arrives. According to a blog post, Merkle has now raised over $24 million. Merkle Science is a predictive cryptocurrency risk and intelligence platform that provides information, data, and aids in the detection of nefarious… Read More

StartEngine and Rewards Platform Indiegogo Announce Partnership

StartEngine, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has announced a partnership with rewards platform Indiegogo. According to a release, the “exclusive” deal will facilitate the “full life cycle of capital from the crowd.” Becky Center, the CEO of Indiegogo, stated that… Read More

Anchorage Digital and AngelList Partner Up to Enable Investments Using USDC

Anchorage Digital, a federally chartered digital asset bank, has partnered with well-known funding platform and talent board AngelList to invest using USDC. AngelList and Anchorage say they are bridging the gap between fiat currency and VC funding. AngelList, as an online investment platform, has helped… Read More

Danish Fintech Startup Ageras Group Raises €35 million from CIBC

Ageras Group, based in Denmark, has raised €35 million from CIBC Innovation Banking, according to a corporate statement. Ageras, launched in 2012, has broadened its services over time and now provides a “financial cockpit” for small businesses, including banking accounting, invoicing, payroll, and more. announced… Read More

Reg CF Issuers are Not Filing their Mandated Documents: Report

If a company raises capital under Reg CF, it must file a form with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) along with additional documents to use the exemption. If the company successfully raises money, the requirement to provide information to the SEC (and investors) does… Read More

Does the Federal Government Hold Crypto?

Does the US Federal Government hold crypto? Probably so. Following enforcement actions or tax violations, the feds may confiscate various types of assets, and these can include digital ones like Bitcoin, etc. Earlier this week, Congressman Tom Emmer, along with Congressman Joe Auchincloss, reminded us… Read More

Marqeta Reports Jump in Revenue, Net Loss of $45 Million

Marqeta (NASDAQ:MQ), a digital platform to offer and manage credit cards, reported Q2 earnings today, delivering top line revenue of $187 million, an increase of 53% versus the same period year prior. Marqeta earned a GAAP net income loss of $45 million. Shares in Marqeta… Read More

UK: A Record £14.9 Billion Invested in Private Companies in First 6 months of 2022, Fintech Leads the Charge

As COVID lingered and the economy stumbled due to rapidly rising prices and geopolitical strife, investment in private UK firms continued unabated, hitting a record amount of £14.9 billion during the first half of 2022. These investments were led by the burgeoning Fintech sector that… Read More

poundtoken Executive Comments on Volatility, Crypto Assets and the Metaverse

Mike Crosbie, Chief Business Officer of poundtoken (GBPT), an issuer of a British Pound-backed stablecoin, has distributed a comment on the Bank of England’s recent missives on crypto asset risks. Like other central government regulators, the Bank of England has been keenly observing the emerging… Read More

Maxine Waters, Chair of House Committee on Financial Services, Sends Letter to Equifax Demanding Answers on Bogus Credit Scores

Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services, Maxine Waters, has sent a letter to Equifax demanding to know how they managed to distribute bogus credit scores. Representative Waters issued the following statement on the debacle: “I am alarmed at recent news reporting that for… Read More

Boxabl Now Above $18 Million on StartEngine

Modular house creator Boxabl continues to push higher in its securities offering on StartEngine. According to an email from StartEngine, Boxabl raised over one million dollars last week and is currently over $18 million. As of this writing, Boxabl has raised $18.5 million from over… Read More

CFPB Targets Hello Digital that Allegedly Used a Faulty Algorithm that Depleted Checking Accounts

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has announced an enforcement action against Hello Digit (or just Digit), a neobank that claims to be the “first truly personalized and automated savings tool.” At the end of 2021, Hello Digit was acquired by Opportun. According to the… Read More

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