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Reg CF: Crowdfund Capital Advisors Shares Guidelines For Submitting Form C-AR to SEC

Recently, CI reported on the requirement to file a Form C-AR (annual report) for firms that raised money using the Reg CF securities exemption. While Reg CF is a notice filing there are still legal requirements to remain compliant on an ongoing basis for firms… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding : Companies That Raised Money Using Reg CF Are Not Filing their Form C-AR

Reg CF or Regulation Crowdfunding is a securities exemption that allows a company to raise up to $5 million from both Accredited and Non-Accredited investors. To pursue a Reg CF offering, a company must file documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The documents… Read More

Reg A+ Update: Data Highlights Performance in this Sector of Crowdfunding

Data pertaining to online capital formation, or crowdfunding, can be hard to come by. Several providers provide good numbers when it comes to Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), but when it comes to Reg A+ and Reg D 506c – it is a bit of a… Read More

Wefunder was Top Reg CF Platform in 2023: Report

Wefunder was the top platform for Reg CF [Regulation Crowdfunding] offerings during 2023, according to data provided by KingsCrowd. Reg CF is a securities exemption that allows for online capital formation. A notice filing and other documentation is required under the exemption, which is open… Read More

KingsCrowd Acquires Lawcloud, Rebrands as raisepapers

KingsCrowd, a data and analytics provider in the investment crowdfunding sector, has announced the acquisition of Lawcloud. Lawcloud has been a longtime entry in the Legaltech sector of crowdfunding by providing a partially automated service for issuers to file their required documents to the Securities… Read More

Retail Money Supports Underserved Founders 10X More than VCs: Reg CF Report

KingsCrowd, a Reg CF data platform, says retail investors support underserved segments – like women and minorities – around 10X more than venture capitialists. The information is part of the company’s 2021 Market Intelligence Report. KingsCrowd claims that startups with female founders received 19.3% of… Read More

KingsCrowd Raises Capital on Republic, Purchases Crowdwise

KingsCrowd, a data and analytics provider for private market issuers, has launched a crowdfunding round on Republic. According to the offering page, KingsCrowd is raising Series A funding at a pre-money valuation of $45 million. Investors receive a “stock purchase agreement.” KingsCrowd has raised over… Read More

KingsCrowd, a Ratings and Analytics Firm for Private Securities Market, Releases New Regulation CF Report

KingsCrowd, the online private market’s data-driven ratings and analytics platform, announced on Tuesday (April 27, 2021) the publication and availability of the KingsCrowd Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report. The KingsCrowd Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report reportedly covers more than 150 Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) market… Read More

Wefunder Dominates Q4 Reg CF Offerings

Earlier this month, Wefunder, a leading securities crowdfunding platform, distributed a tweet highlighting Q4 performance in the Reg CF crowdfunding sector. According to the numbers generated by Kingscrowd, Wefunder dominated this sector of online capital formation. Now crowdfunding encompasses other exemptions, including Reg A+ and… Read More

KingsCrowd Raises $1 Million on Netcapital using Reg CF and Reg D 506c

KingsCrowd has closed on a $1 million crowdfunding round on the NetCapital marketplace. KingsCrowd is a ratings and analytics firm for the private securities market. NetCapital lists private securities under both Reg CF and Reg D. The KingsCrowd offering leveraged both exemptions in a side… Read More

Online Private Market Ratings & Analytics Provider KingsCrowd Announces Acquisition of Newchip’s Aggregator Platform

KingsCrowd, a ratings and analytics provider for the online private markets sector, as well as the “Morningstar of equity crowdfunding,” announced on Tuesday it has purchased Newchip’s aggregator app and platform technology. As previously reported, KingsCrowd wants to provide the first viable research and analytics… Read More

KingsCrowd Wants to Become MorningStar of Crowdfunding, Raises Money on NetCapital

KingsCrowd, a startup that wants to become the “Morningstar of equity crowdfunding” is using crowdfunding to raise their seed funding round. The offer is posted on NetCapital and seeks a max raise of $106,999. The minimum is low at $10,000 – but two weeks into the… Read More

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