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Crowdfunding Losing its Crowd? Money&Co CEO Nicola Horlick Promises, “We Will Keep the Crowd.”

Interest in crowdfunding from banks and other noteworthy investors including some family offices has steadily increased in recent months, so much that Money&Co blogged, “It’s often said that crowdfunding is in danger of losing the crowd.” Could crowdfunding lose its crowd? How does the industry… Read More

Brief: AltFi Returns to NYC for 2nd Annual Global Summit

UK based AltFi will host its second annual AltFi Global Summit for the US institutional investor audience this coming November in New York City. AltFi held its inaugural event in the US last year with solid participation from across the ranks of disruptive finance.  According to… Read More

UK Peer to Peer Lending Index Launched by AltFi

AltFi Data has launched the first Index to track the returns available from the UK peer to peer and marketplace lending industry. The Liberum AltFi Returns Index (LARI) is described as accurately tracking peer to peer lending returns using complete loan-by-loan cash flows provided by the major platforms. Currently, the Index… Read More

Financial Disruptors Index Launched by Liberum & AltFi Data

Index is called the Liberum AltFi Financial Disruptors Index (LAFDI). According to a public statement, UK based investment bank Liberum and research firm AltFi Data have launched the first equity index tracking the world’s leading financial services’ disruptors.  The new index launches just as industry… Read More

UK Peer to Peer Lending Passes £2 Billion. Onward & Upward.

For followers of the peer to peer lending industry this should come as no surprise.  P2P lending in the UK has no passed the £2 billion mark as it continues to surge forward as more consumers, and more investors, take advantage of the more effective… Read More

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