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BNB Chain Reportedly Witnessed a Loss of Over $14M Across 43 Security Incidents in Q1 2024

Blockchain firm CertiK reports that during Q1 2024, BNB Chain noted continuous development in its security measures “resulting in a 55.8% decrease in value lost compared to the same period last year.” As stated in a blog post from CertiK, BNB Chain witnessed “a loss… Read More

DeFi: KTX.Finance Raises $4M to Streamline Perpetuals Trading

KTX.Finance, a “decentralized” perpetuals exchange on BNB Chain, announces a $4 million USD seed round financing led by Hashed. Other participants in the investment round “include: AlphaLab Capital, CRIT Ventures, 100&100 Ventures, Trinito Corporation / Morpheus, GSG Asset, KuCoin Ventures and Sky9 Capital.” Edward Tan,… Read More

Digital Assets: Floki Partners with Venus Protocol, a Lending Protocol on BNB Chain

Floki is now officially partnered with one of the biggest lending protocols on the BNB chain, Venus Protocol. Venus claims it is “the leading lending and borrowing protocol on the BNB chain as well as the second biggest DeFi protocol on the chain after top… Read More

Ethereum, BNB Chain Experienced the Most DeFi, Blockchain-related Security Incidents in 2022: Report

A new report from SlowMist takes a close look at the major events in the blockchain industry that took place in 2022. The report from SlowMist provides an overview of the security status of each area within the industry and delves into “common attack techniques.”… Read More

Digital Asset Infrastructure Provider Wyre Integrates with BNB Chain

Wyre is pleased to announce their recent integration with BNB Chain. This partnership allows their developers building with Wyre the ability to leverage their entire API stack on BNB Chain “as well on-ramping directly into $BUSD and $BNB through all payment methods.” This integration is… Read More

Binance Labs Invests $4M in Ultimate Champions to Accelerate Innovation in Web3 Gaming

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, invested $4 million in Ultimate Champions, a Web3 sports game platform that will be “built on the BNB Chain.” Ultimate Champions will use the funds raised “to further develop its games, secure additional sports partnerships,… Read More

Binance: BNB Smart Chain Paused After Potential Exploit

Late yesterday, BNB Chain – part of Binance, announced that they were temporarily halting BSC or BNB Smart Chain, following “irregular activity” which was later described as a “potential exploit.” The price of BNB dropped on the news. The thread was updated to indicate that… Read More

BNB Chain Integrated into ShareRing’s Swapping Function

ShareRing app clients are reportedly able to swap their $SHR tokens between the BNB Smart Chain and ShareLedger (SLP3). Previously, users had to go through “a 3-step process of swapping $SHR from Binance Chain (BEP2) to BEP20 (using Binance Wallet), then to ERC20 (using Multichain),… Read More

BNB Chain Announces Finalists of MVB Incubation Program Co-led by Binance Labs

BNB Chain recently announced the 27 finalists of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Incubation Program, which is an accelerator program that’s co-led by Binance Labs to offer mentorship and funding “to emerging projects built on top of the BNB Chain.” The MVB Incubation Program aims… Read More

Oracle Solution Provider Pyth Network Deploys First-Party Financial Data on BNB Chain

The Pyth network, a specialized oracle solution for “latency-sensitive” financial data that is typically kept behind the “walled gardens” of centralized institutions, recently announced the deployment of its first-party financial data on BNB Chain, a “community-driven,” “decentralized” and “censorship-resistant” blockchain, and integration with BNB Application… Read More

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