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Industrial Bank of Korea Partners Naver’s Cloud Affiliate for Development of Fintech Services to Enhance AI Capabilities

The Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) has teamed up with a platform managed by Naver’s Cloud affiliate for digital innovation and development of Fintech-related services, the state-run bank confirmed on December 23, 2020. Through the partnership, both organizations will aim to enhance their Cloud and artificial… Read More

Seedrs Success: Bonaverde Closes Campaign With More Than £1.3 Million in Funding

Earlier this week, German coffee start-up Bonaverde completed its equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs. The company launched the campaign earlier this summer, seeking £750,000 and within the first month it surpassed its funding target and finished the round with more than £1.3 million. As previously reported, Bonaverde raised $681,461 from 2,254 backers on Kickstarter… Read More

Update: Bonaverde Raises £1 Million Through Seedrs Crowdfunding Round

Less than a month after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, German coffee start-up Bonaverde has surpassed £1 million. The company originally sought to raise £750,000 and quickly secured the initial funding target. Speaking about the Seedrs success, Bonaverde founder and CEO Hans Stier, stated: “We’re certainly celebrating here. Crowdfunding has… Read More

Bonaverde Secures More Than £900,000 Through Seedrs Round; Begins to Ship Delayed Coffee Machines

German coffee start-up Bonaverde has successfully secured over £900,000 in funding through its equity crowdfunding on Seedrs. The initiative was launched last month and quickly raised its initial £750,000 funding target. Bonaverde revealed more details about its growth and development: “Bonaverde isn’t just disrupting one the world’s largest industries…. Read More

Kickstarter Alum Bonaverde Secures £750,000 Funding Target Just Two Hours After Seedrs Launch 

German coffee start-up Bonaverde secured its initial 750,000 funding goal less than 24 hours after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The initiative is now nearing 835,000 thanks to 60 investors. The company, which raised  $681,461 from 2,254 backers on Kickstarter in 2013 for its roast-grind-brew coffee machine,… Read More

Updated: Backers Rebel as Bonaverde Coffee Machine Alters Design Post Crowdfunding Campaign

Bonaverde is described as the “worlds first roast-grind-brew coffee machine”.  The company founders have run two rewards based crowdfunding campaigns – one each on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Bonaverde is equity crowdfunding now back on their home turf in Germany where they have nearly raised 1… Read More

Bonaverde Percolates on Seedmatch: The Coffee Roasting, Grinding and Brewing Machine Enjoys a €752K+ Cup

With the help of 540 investors Bonaverde has raised over €752K+ on its Seedmatch equity crowdfunding campaign in just ten days; nothing like officially overfunding more than 750% to create a buzz for the über coffee machine! Last November, Bonaverde kickstarted its innovation- a coffee machine that roasts, grinds… Read More

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