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Reg CF: Dealmaker Reports Boxabl Raising Over $3 Million in Less than Nine Hours

Boxabl, a serial issuer that has utilized online securities offerings multiple times, has raised $3.26 million in less than nine hours, according to an X. The funding round is leveraging Reg CF and managed with the services of DealMaker, a broker-dealer and tech platform that… Read More

Boxabl Returning to StartEngine, Receives $2.5 Million in “Reservations”

Pre-fab home firm Boxable is looking to raise more money online on StartEngine. As was previously reported in May, Boxable revealed its intent to raise capital by raising money in a Reg A+ and Reg D offering as well as a pitch on FrontFundr in… Read More

Full Court Press: Boxabl Pursues New Reg A+ and Reg D Offerings Plus Offering in Canada

Boxabl is preparing to raise capital, and it is taking a full-court press by raising money in a Reg A+ and Reg D offering as well as a pitch on FrontFundr in Canada. The Reg A+ will be listed on StartEngine, which displays over $1.25… Read More

Boxabl Plans Return to StartEngine for Next Funding Round

Boxabl, a pre-fab housing manufacturer that has generated significant interest among consumers, is planning to return to StartEngine for its next funding round, according to an email from the platform. In August of 2022, Boxabl closed a Reg A+ securities offering at around $24 million…. Read More

Boxabl Over $23.4 Million on StartEngine, Nears $1 Million on Republic as Securities Offering Nears End

Cross-listed securities offering for Boxabl is nearing its end with three days left in the equity sale (scheduled to close the Friday, August 26). As it stands today, Boxabl is just under $1 million on Republic and over $23.4 million on StartEngine. The company previously… Read More

Boxabl Now Above $18 Million on StartEngine

Modular house creator Boxabl continues to push higher in its securities offering on StartEngine. According to an email from StartEngine, Boxabl raised over one million dollars last week and is currently over $18 million. As of this writing, Boxabl has raised $18.5 million from over… Read More

Dalmore Group, Broker of Record, Comments on Ongoing, Successful Boxabl Securities Crowdfunding Offer

Boxabl is currently raising capital on two different investment crowdfunding platforms: StartEngine and Republic. As was previously reported, Boxabl is aiming to raise up to $1.07 billion in a Reg D – Reg A+ funding round. The funding is divvied up with a $500 million Reg… Read More

Boxabl Cross Lists Offering on StartEngine and Republic at $3 Billion Valuation

Investment crowdfunding is not just for smaller funding rounds and Boxabl is an excellent example of that. Boxabl is aiming to raise a whopping $1.07 billion at a valuation of $3 billion and it is leveraging two securities crowdfunding platforms to help with part of… Read More

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