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DealMaker CEO Acknowledged as”Most Admired” CEO

DealMaker CEO and co-founder Rebecca Kacaba has been recognized as the Most Admired CEO of 2023. Kacaba called the acknowledgment an “absolute honor.” DealMaker is an online capital formation platform based in Canada but provides services in the US as well. The company works with… Read More

Dealmaker Recognized by Deloitte as Top Company to Watch

DealMaker, a tech-enhanced broker-dealer providing online capital formation services, has been recognized by Deloitte as a top company to watch. DealMaker has already made a notable list published by the Globe and Mail as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada – its home country…. Read More

Dealmaker Hires Chief Financial Officer, Plans for Further Growth

DealMaker, one of the fastest-growing companies based in Canada, has hired a Chief Financial Officer. According to a statement from the firm, Mike Rasic has spent the last 35 years working in regulated industries, including with Fintechs. DealMaker says that Rasic specializes in mid-stage firms… Read More

2nd Home Ownership Platform Pacaso Reports 1500+ Owners After Three Years of Operations, Raises Funding via DealMaker

Real estate platform Pacaso provided a brief update earlier this month, reporting on three years of operations. According to the platform, it has now enabled over 1,500 owners who have spent 90,000 nights in the homes at forty different destinations. The company says that second… Read More

Rumors Indicate SEC Amendments to Reg D, Accredited Investor Definition are Near

  One of the top items on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agenda under the leadership of Chair Gary Gensler is changes to Regulation D (Reg D) along with updates to the definition of an Accredited Investor. Currently, these amendments are number seven on… Read More

DealMaker Recognized in Canada as one of the Country’s Fastest Growing Firms Again

DealMaker, a tech-enhanced online capital formation company, has been recognized by the Globe and Mail as Canada’s 6th fastest-growing firm in the country. In 2022, DealMaker ranked number 3 on the list. In an X (Tweet), DealMaker said the recognition is “an incredible validation of… Read More

DealMaker Reports Total Raised for Month of September Tops $14.5 Million

DealMaker, a broker-dealer and tech platform that allows firms to raise money online from the full stack of securities exemptions, says it has helped issuers raise over $14.5 million during the month of September. In the past, September has been a strong month for online… Read More

Reg CF: Dealmaker Reports Boxabl Raising Over $3 Million in Less than Nine Hours

Boxabl, a serial issuer that has utilized online securities offerings multiple times, has raised $3.26 million in less than nine hours, according to an X. The funding round is leveraging Reg CF and managed with the services of DealMaker, a broker-dealer and tech platform that… Read More

Google Cloud Selects DealMaker to Join Startups Program

DealMaker is announcing that Google Cloud has selected DealMaker to join its Google for Startups Program. Google Cloud has awarded $100K in credits “to accelerate DealMaker’s AI innovation in the fintech space with their robust AI tools.” By joining this program, DealMaker will “have access… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: AOIP Asks FINRA to Update Reg A+ to Improve Capital Formation

The Association of Online Investment Platforms (AOIP) provides feedback on FINRA’s request for input on improving capital formation. This past May, FINRA announced a request for comment on how FINRA rules may impact capital formation. The goal was to look for ways to increase efficiency… Read More

Association of Online Investment Platforms Asks Congress to Push Forward on Legislation that Helps SMEs, Entrepreneurs

The Association of Online Investment Platforms (AOIP) has sent a letter to Congress asking policymakers to move forward legislation that aims to support access to capital for smaller firms and entrepreneurs. The AOIP was created to advocate on behalf of online capital formation for private… Read More

DealMaker Issues Statement on Legal Dispute with Issuance

As was previously reported, DealMaker has filed a lawsuit against Issuance and its founder Darren Marble claiming the Issuance platform is “predicated on and copied from DealMaker’s own platform.” In a comment sent to CI, Marble said “the claims in this lawsuit are entirely without… Read More

DealMaker and GRIT Capital Form Partnership

GRIT Capital and DealMaker have formed a new partnership that aims to promote investment opportunities to the GRIT Capital network. According to a company statement, GRIT Capital will introduce its 1.2 million investors to deals powered by DealMaker. The two companies state that by partnering,… Read More

DealMaker CEO Rebecca Kacaba Shares Opinion on Capital Markets, Investment Crowdfunding and Opportunity

DealMaker has emerged as a top online capital formation platform providing services to enable the primary issuance of securities across the full stack of crowdfunding exemptions. This includes Reg CF, Reg A+, and Reg D. At the same time, due to its base of operations… Read More

Monogram Orthopaedics Trades Shares on Nasdaq Following Reg A+ Securities Offering

Monogram Orthopaedics (NASDAQ:MGRM) aw its shares trade on Nasdaq following private security offering under Reg A+ – an exemption that allows retail investors to back a private firm. The offering was facilitated by DealMaker, a platform, and broker-dealer specializing in private securities and Republic, which… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: Broker Dealer? Funding Portal? What is the difference?

Video: Key Questions for a Securities Crowdfunding Round. If you are raising money in a securities crowdfunding offering, you have multiple options as to how you pursue a funding round. First, you choose a securities exemption; Reg CF, Reg A+, or Reg D 506c. Reg… Read More

Virtuix Files for Reg CF Offering, Will List Securities Offering with DealMaker

Virtuix, previously a serial funder on SeedInvest, has filed a Form C to raise capital under Reg CF – this time with DealMaker. Simultaneously, Virtuix has filed a Form D to raise money under Reg D 506c for accredited investors – a fairly typical practice… Read More

Real Estate: Pacaso Introduces New Opportunity for Accredited US Investors

Pacaso announced the launch of an opportunity for accredited U.S. investors to invest in a technology-enabled real estate marketplace “that helps people buy and co-own a luxury second home.” The new investment opportunity with Pacaso is “a two year, 10% annualized promissory note backed by… Read More

Expectations for Investment Crowdfunding in 2023

Last month, CI hosted a webinar to review the securities crowdfunding market of 2022 as well as expectations for 2023. While the consensus of the group was that online capital formation softened in the waning months of 2022, panelists participating in the webinar were more… Read More

DealMaker Appoints Former Google Executive as Chief Revenue Officer

DealMaker, a tech platform designed to streamline online capital formation and broker-dealer, has appointed Chris Adamkowski as its new Chief Revenue Officer. Adamkowski reportedly spent over a decade at Google working in several divisions, including Financial Services, Government, Energy, and Tech. Before joining Google, Adamkowski held Sales and… Read More

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