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Capchase Explains How Revenue-Based Financing Can Assist with Bridging Venture Capital Gaps

The SaaS funding landscape in 2024 is very different from even two years ago, according to an update from Capchase. In previous years, venture capital (VC) funding was “the most popular form of SaaS funding, with countless firms investing bold amounts into fledgling companies,” the… Read More

Non-Dilutive Funding Is Up 50% in Europe, VC Declined Considerably Over Same Time Period – Capchase SaaS Report

The world of SaaS startup fundraising is unique, according to an extensive update from Capchase. It’s fast-paced, data-heavy, and can be “unpredictable at times,” Capchase notes in a blog post. As explained by Capchase, today’s funding landscape “has more to offer founders than ever before.”… Read More

Deutsche Bank Commits €105 Million to Capchase, Will Support Saas Firms

Deutsche Bank is providing Capchase with a €105 million credit facility. Capchase is a “revenue acceleration firm” for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. According to Capchase, the financing contributes to the more than $1 billion in combined debt and equity financing it has received since its founding… Read More

BBVA Spark to Access Capchase Technology, Enabling Analysis of Clients via Open Banking

Through a new partnership, BBVA Spark will access Capchase‘s technology, which enables a digital analysis of clients through innovative technologies such as open banking, and live connections to ERPs (financial management software) or electronic invoicing sources. This process speeds up decision-making and ensures “that financing… Read More

Capchase Partners with Tech Startup DMZ

Capchase says it is interested in helping high-potential startups grow on their own terms with non-dilutive capital injections. According to Capchase, capital is only “one part of the equation.” To succeed, Capchase explains that startups need mentorship, guidance, and support. Capchase has announced their new… Read More

Capchase, the Revenue Acceleration Platform for SaaS Firms, Releases Invoice Collections Tool

Capchase, the revenue acceleration platform for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, today released Capchase Collect, an invoice collections tool for SaaS. Capchase Collect is the company’s latest solution “as part of its mission to help SaaS companies manage revenue, access non-dilutive capital, and accelerate growth.” The tool… Read More

Grasshopper and Capchase to Provide Financing to SaaS Startup Banking Clients

Grasshopper, the client-first digital bank built for the business and innovation economy, today announced its partnership with Capchase, a provider of non-dilutive financing solutions for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, “to provide revenue-based financing for enterprise SaaS startups through the bank’s partnership ecosystem, exclusively available to Accelerator… Read More

SaaS Market in a Downward Trend, with Founders, Investors Experiencing the Impact, Capchase Report Claims

Since the end of 2022, the SaaS market has been in “a downward trend, and founders, investors, and customers alike are seeing the effects,” according to an update from Capchase. Everyone is tightening their purse strings, and many SaaS companies are “noticing that it’s become… Read More

Capchase, the Revenue Platform for SaaS Firms, Partners with Republic

Capchase, the revenue acceleration platform for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, announced a global partnership with Republic – an ecosystem of Web3 optimized financial services that are “building the digital infrastructure required to support a fully democratized future of finance.” The partnership will enable Republic’s global portfolio… Read More

SaaS (Software as a Service) Startups Hit Hard by Economic Downturn, New Report Claims

The global economic slowdown has hit SaaS startups hard, according to an update from Capchase. With their customers looking for ways to reduce costs, many have “experienced increased churn, longer sales cycles, and tougher price negotiations.” But these effects have “not been felt evenly across… Read More

Capchase Deploys $100M+ in Funding for Women, Minority Founded Startups

Capchase, the provider of financing solutions for Software-as-a-Service companies, announced a milestone for its 2021 initiative to provide non-dilutive capital to women- and minority-led startups. Over the last two years, the company has “deployed more than $100 million in funding to these underserved groups using… Read More

BNPL: Capchase Introduces Buy Now Pay Later Solution to Enhance SaaS Business, Revenue

It’s been three years since Capchase was founded. Since their launch on May 11, 2020, the world has “been through a whirlwind of changes—a once-in-a-century pandemic, rising inflation and corresponding interest rates and, most recently, the collapse of some long-standing financial institutions.” All this led… Read More

Capchase CEO Miguel Fernandez Comments on How Startups Should Approach 2023

Miguel Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Capchase has looked to the challenging year ahead and commented on some simple measures startups can take to build resilience: Fernandez notes that we’ve all seen the headlines. That tech is “bracing itself for a challenging year.” From gaming… Read More

Capchase Reports Steady Growth as More SaaS Startups Seek Non-Dilutive Financing

Capchase, which claims to be the leading provider of non-dilutive (debt-based) capital to SaaS companies,  revealed its 2022 growth metrics, announcing it “increased revenue by 250%.” Throughout the year, Capchase was “able to expand its reach by securing additional funding, forging partnerships with leading financial… Read More

Capchase SaaS Report: Software-as-a-Service Startups “Resilient” During Economic Uncertainty

Capchase, which claims to be the leading provider of non-dilutive capital to SaaS companies, recently shared its Pulse of SaaS report “to provide the most comprehensive view of SaaS startups’ performance following recent economic changes.” The Pulse of SaaS Report “found, when compared to the… Read More

Capchase Expands Into Germany

Capchase has announced its expansion into Germany. Based in New York City, Capchase provides debt capital to SaaS companies. The company reports that since launching in 2020, it has worked with 3,000 customers, providing over $1.5 billion in funding available. Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO… Read More

Capchase Integration with Xero to Offer SMBs Quick Access to Capital

Capchase, a provider of non-dilutive financing to SaaS companies, has announced a new integration with Xero, the global small business platform. Through this integration, UK small business customers will be able “to apply for growth capital via the Capchase app in the Xero App Store.”… Read More

Capchase, Sastrify to Help Firms Beat Downturn by Financing SaaS Subscriptions

Capchase, a provider of non-dilutive financing to SaaS companies, has announced a partnership with Sastrify, the global automated SaaS procurement platform, to offer a “Save Now, Pay Later” program to “high-growth” customers. This program will “enable Sastrify’s customers to extend their runways, cutting their SaaS… Read More

Capchase Lands $400M in Debt Financing as European Business Grows

Capchase, a provider of non-dilutive capital, has “agreed more than $400 million in additional debt financing backed by i80 Group and an international banking group.” The financing will be used “to provide thousands of SaaS startups in the US and Europe with funding.” In less… Read More

Capchase to Provide Access to Credit via Stripe

Capchase has been added to Stripe’s App marketplace so users may gain access to credit. Stripe customers can now access Capchase’s offerings, including Capchase Grow (Recurring Revenue Financing) and Capchase Extend (Expense Financing), directly through Stripe’s interface. Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase, said… Read More

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