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Jon Medved, Founder of OurCrowd: We Want to Give Access to the Smart Investor

Jon Medved, founder and CEO of equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, caught up with CNBC while at the Crowdfunding Asia conference in Singapore this week.  Medved explained in an interview that OurCrowd wants to provide access to the smart investor into deals in which they have… Read More

CrowdFunding Asia Singapore Summit 2015

Quoting Massolution, crowdsourcing.org “Global crowdfunding experienced accelerated growth in 2014, expanding by 167 percent to reach $16.2 billion raised, up from $6.1 billion in 2013. In 2015, the industry is set to more than double once again, on its way to raising $34.4 billion. These… Read More

HongSin Kwek, CEO and founder of PhoenixICT, Talks Crowdfunding in Asia, Female Entrepreneurs

  As the CEO and founder of PhoenixICT, a leading crowdfunding hub, HongSin Kwek is among the organizers of Crowdfunding Asia, the first conference of its type focused on the Asian markets. Crowdfunding Asia held its first event in Singapore in 2014, and this year’s upcoming events include conferences… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Postpones Indonesia Event to Accommodate President’s Schedule

The next Crowdfunding  Asia event, originally scheduled to take place next week in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been postponed until later this year.  According to event organizers this was to accommodate the schedule of President Joko Widodo who was expected to make an appearance and open the event… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Brings the Message of New Forms of Finance to Indonesia

Crowdfunding Asia will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia next month delivering its message of the power and potential of crowdfunding to boost economies and create new jobs. Crowdfunding Asia held its first, very successful, conference in Singapore in August of 2014.  Several hundred finance professionals, investors,… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Holds Successful Event in Bangkok, Thailand

Crowdfunding Asia held its second Asian conference to review the power and potential of new forms of finance. Sponsored by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission, the sold out event saw several hundred attendees from Thailand and surrounding countries in Asia and the United States…. Read More

Crowdfunding Asia – Bangkok: Keynote Speech (Video)

Many countries around the globe are pushing forward with investment crowdfunding  viewing the new form of finance as a powerful tool to boost economic growth by funding small companies. It is a new world order though with little precedent to guide.  The British have spearheaded… Read More

Thai Regulator Finalizes Crowdfunding Rules: SEC Secretary General Vorapol Socatiyanurak Comments

The number of foreign and domestic crowdfunding portals is expected to rise in Thailand once the regulations to govern crowdfunding in the country will be out. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand said the rules are now being finalized and could be out… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia – Thailand Summit

The theme of CrowdFunding Asia™ – Thailand Summit – The Ardent Alternatives – Crowdfunding Democratizes Capital & Unearth Asia Potential is tailored to serve Thailand needs and global exposure of Thailand’s strength in area of Social effort and Technology growth. Immersed in His Majesty King… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Prepares for Thailand Summit

Following a highly lauded crowdfunding event in Singapore in August of last year, Crowdfunding Asia is preparing for a summit in Thailand scheduled to take place on February 10th and 11th in the capital city of Bangkok. The theme of the conference is “The Ardent… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Sets Aggressive Schedule of Events for 2015

Crowdfunding Asia launched their inaugural crowdfunding convention this past August.  It was the first event of its kind in the entire Asian region gathering thought leaders, portal operators, high level politicians and public officials from around the world to convene to discuss this new approach… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Conference is an Impressive Success

The very first crowdfunding conference in Asia took place earlier this month.  A diverse and impressive group of regulators, high ranking politicians, portal operators and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the benefits of crowdfunding in Asia.  Over 300 individuals attended the two day “Crowdfunding Asia 2014”… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Conference Set to Open in Singapore

Crowdfunding Asia 2014, is the first conference of its type focused on the Asian markets, commences next week in Singapore. Crowdfunding leaders from around the globe are scheduled to discuss the various forms of crowdfunding and to share how the new form of finance is… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Gears Up for Inaugural Event in Singapore

Crowdfunding is taking off in Asia.  Depending on the country and the legal environment, rewards based and investment based crowdfunding is moving forward as the new approach to capital formation.  While the United States has been a leader in rewards based crowdfunding, Europe and Australia… Read More

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