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CrowdStreet Comments on Critical WSJ Report: Represents an “Incomplete View of Deal Performance”

Last week, CrowdStreet endured several difficult days as a report in WSJ.com was highly critical of the real estate investment platform, claiming that $63 million of investor funds had “gone missing.” The claim was due to a securities offering on CrowdStreet by an issuer that… Read More

CrowdStreet: Founder Tore Steen Out as CEO as Interim CEO Steps In

CrowdStreet founder Tore Steen has stepped down from his CEO position at the real estate investment marketplace, and Jack Chandler has taken over as interim CEO, according to a statement by the firm. Steen had been one of the longest-serving CEOs in the real estate… Read More

CrowdStreet Hit with Report of Missing Funds from Failed Deals

CrowdStreet, one of the most established real estate investment platforms in the US, has been hit with a damning article claiming the $63 million in customer cash has gone missing. The errant funds stem from an office project in Atlanta that was reported in 2022…. Read More

CrowdStreet Advisors Launches CrowdStreet REIT I on iCapital

CrowdStreet Advisors has announced the launch of CrowdStreet REIT I  (or C-REIT) with iCapital. This represents an expansion of access for the fund, which has been available on CrowdStreet and now may be accessed via iCapital channels. CrowdStreet Advisors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CrowdStreet and… Read More

CrowdStreet Announces New Advisor Who is Going to Raise Capital on the Platform

Real estate crowdfunding platform CrowdStreet has announced a new addition to its Board of Advisors. According to a release today, Shawn Lese of Nuveen Real Estate has joined the platform as an advisor. At the same time, in an indication of commitment, Lese is expected… Read More

CrowdStreet Looks to Boost Interest in Alternative Investments with CrowdStreet Advisors

Real estate crowdfunding platform CrowdStreet says it is working to promote alternative investments in real estate via its CrowdStreet Advisors, a wholly owned offshoot of the investment platform.  CrowdStreet Advisors aims to promote private investment opportunities by working closely with financial advisors interested in providing… Read More

Real Estate Investment Platform CrowdStreet Raises $43 Million in Equity and Debt Financing

CrowdStreet, a leading real estate crowdfunding platform, has raised $43 million in both debt and equity capital. According to a company statement, the equity financing came from a group of strategic investors, including Fortune 100 financial services company TIAA, which is making an investment through… Read More

CrowdStreet CEO Tore Steen on Inflation: “A moderately rising interest rate environment can be good for the commercial real estate industry”

CrowdStreet on the Impact of Inflation. Inflation is hitting multi-decade highs, and the US Federal Reserve is raising interest rates rapidly in a rear guard action aimed at taming what is effectively a hidden tax. While the administration claimed for many months that rising prices… Read More

CrowdStreet Says They Are Expanding Access for Individual Investors During Market Volatility, Hires New Executives

CrowdStreet, a real estate investment platform, says they are expanding opportunities for individual investors in spite of the ongoing market volatility and rising interest rates. Simultanesoulsy, CrowdStreet says they are hiring several new executives to better manage their growing offerings. In 2021, CrowdStreet raised $1.2… Read More

Investing in Real Estate: These Platforms Simplify the Process of Property Investing

  Real estate has always held a certain allure for sophisticated investors as typically, over the long run, it appreciates in value and can also generate a  good amount of immediate cash flow – so both yield and capital gains. Until recently, unless you had… Read More

CrowdStreet Provides Unique Perspective into Real Estate Crowdfunding: We feel that we are experiencing our “Zoom” moment

CrowdStreet: COVID Will Accelerate Trends Already in Place Real estate investing has been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis – as it has many other industries. In the online investing sector, many platforms have reported a rapid decline in activity during the early days… Read More

Flattening the Curve: CrowdStreet Goes Remote, Sees Opportunity in Real Estate with Favorable Terms

CrowdStreet is one of a group of real estate crowdfunding platforms that got in early and appears to have established a sustainable model. Founded to democratize investment opportunity in commercial real estate, CrowdStreet provides direct access to a range of vetted, institutional-quality commercial real estate… Read More

CrowdStreet Tops $1 Billion in Real Estate Crowdfunding

CrowdStreet, a top real estate investment marketplace, has topped $1 billion in direct equity investment from individual (accredited) investors. The company provides access to real estate investments in commercial property. CrowdStreet CEO Tore C. Steen called crossing the one billion mark a significant milestone for… Read More

CrowdStreet Reports Doubling Distributions in 2019 Topping $58 million

CrowdStreet, a real estate crowdfunding platform catering to accredited investors, has circulated an email stating that distributions doubled in 2019 alongside the size of its community. Launched in 2014, Crowdstreet claims more than $972 million has been raised and, since platform launch $99+ million in… Read More

CrowdStreet Says Capital Distributions More than Doubled in 2019

Real estate investment platform CrowdStreet says that capital distributions in 2019 more than doubled the total amount of capital distributed back to investors on the platform since 2014. Over$57 million in capital was distributed to platform investors during the year. Launched in 2014, CrowdStreet has… Read More

CrowdStreet Raises $12 Million in Series C Funding: CEO Tore Steen Plans Thoughtful Expansion

CrowdStreet, a real estate crowdfunding platform, has raised $12 million in a Series C funding round from its “community of individual  investors and commercial real estate sponsors.” CrowdStreet leveraged its own platform to raise the growth capital. CrowdStreet also reported that it is on track… Read More

CrowdStreet Debuts Diversified Opportunity Zone Fund

Real estate crowdfunding platform CrowdStreet announced on Monday the launch of its new Diversified Opportunity Zone Fund. According to CrowdStreet, the fund will focus on new development and redevelopment in small and mid-market U.S. Opportunity Zone communities with high growth potential. “A Qualified Opportunity Fund… Read More

CrowdStreet Appoints Donna Wells to Advisory Board

Real estate crowdfunding platform CrowdStreet announced on Wednesday it has appointed Donna Wells to its advisory board. The appointment comes just days after sponsor J.Jeffers & Co. raised $10 million on CrowdStreet in just 80 minutes. In total, $14 million was raised in a day… Read More

$10 Million in 80 Minutes: CrowdStreet Quickly Raises Equity in $60 Million Real Estate Project

Real estate crowdfunding platform CrowdStreet has shared some interesting news. According to the platform, sponsor J.Jeffers & Co. raised $10 million on CrowdStreet in just 80 minutes. In total, $14 million was raised in a day ($16.7 million in total offers were submitted). This is… Read More

Real Estate Investment Platform CrowdStreet Tops $500 Million in Direct Equity Investment

CrowdStreet, a real estate investment platform providing direct equity investments for investors in commercial real estate (CRE), has surpassed $500 milion in aggregate online investment. The milestone comes following a record quarter for the platform where over $75 million was raised and the number of… Read More

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