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Latvia’s Eleving Group Reports Steady Growth, Profitability in 2022

Eleving Group reports steady growth and “robust” profitability figures in 2022. The company highlights that it “increased its net portfolio by 17.8% compared to 2021, while adjusted net profit before FX reached €27.3m.” The company has provided the following operational and financial information: Eleving Group… Read More

Latvia’s Eleving Group Repays All Outstanding Belarus Investments

Eleving Group has shared its operational and financial updates. Eleving Group continues “to reduce its portfolio exposure in Belarus.” The portfolio “has substantially decreased during last year and continues to further amortize.” The impact of the portfolio reduction “has been minimal on the Group’s financials…. Read More

Latvia’s Eleving Group Releases Financial Results for H1 2022

Eleving Group reports improved results in “all key business figures in its consolidated financial report for the period ended on 30 June 2022.” The company has provided the following operational and financial information: During the reporting period, Eleving Group has “increased its adjusted EBITDA by… Read More

Eleving Group Sells its Bulgarian Business Operations to Eurolease Group

The announcement shared below was reportedly provided to AS Mintos Marketplace (Mintos) by Eleving Group, a cooperation partner of Mintos that provides various investment opportunities via Mntos.com. Following Eleving Group’s strategy to consolidate investments in its “best-performing markets, a decision has been made to exit… Read More

Eleving Group Is Reporting “Record-High” Financial Results for 9M 2021

Eleving Group (previously doing business as Mogo Finance) has shared its unaudited results for the nine months of 2021, “conclusively determining the company’s course to the best financial year in its history.” As mentioned in a blog post published by the Mintos team, the group’s… Read More

European P2P Lending Platform Mintos Releases Updated Risk Scores

European peer-to-peer lending platform Mintos has released its latest Risk Score updates. As noted by the Mintos team, this most recent update is based on key developments and data analyzed during Q1 2021. Mintos writes in a blog post that if you are new to… Read More

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