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Bitcoin ETF Decision Is “Irrelevant” to DeFi, According to Haven1 Co-Founder Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens, co-founder of Haven1, says that any impact a potential spot bitcoin ETF rejection by the SEC has on the DeFi market will “be temporary and has nothing to do with fundamentals in the space.” However, he says that “in the short term, lower… Read More

DeFi May Attract Mainstream Users in 2024 with Help of Innovations Like RWA Tokenization, Blockchain Professional Predicts

Jeff Owens, co-founder of Haven1, says that decentralized finance (DeFi) will finally attract mainstream users in 2024, “with the help of innovations like RWA tokenization and the hype around a potential ether spot ETF approval.” However, he also claims that wider adoption “will only happen… Read More

Ethereum Adoption: Green Light for ETH Futures a Key Breakthrough, According to Blockchain Industry Professional

Akash Mahendra, Director of Haven1 Foundation, has commented on what the green light for Ethereum (ETH) futures from Valkyrie Funds means for the nascent crypto and blockchain industry. Akash notes that while it’s a cause for celebration, it’s “a different picture for those still waiting… Read More

Haven1, an Ethereum VM-Compatible L1 Blockchain Network, Announces Strategic Alliance

Haven1, an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain network, has announced a strategic alliance with the team at Coinbag, an institutional-grade asset management solution. The alliance will bring the founding members and the highly-skilled team of developers from Coinbag over to Haven1, “bolstering the network’s development in… Read More

Yield App Shares On-Chain Finance Roadmap for Haven1 Network

Yield App has announced its roadmap to incubate Haven1, a Layer 1 and EVM-compatible blockchain that “addresses the industry’s growing demand for secure, on-chain finance through its proof of authority (PoA) consensus mechanism.” Set to launch in 2024, the network is “developed by the highly… Read More

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