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Real Estate Report: Buffalo, New York Expected to Become Major Housing Market

Buffalo, New York, will be the most active major housing market this year, according to a new analysis by Zillow (NASDAQ: Z and ZG). It may be hard to believe for some but as prices are rising elsewhere, Buffalo remains more accessible. Affordability is the… Read More

Financial Infrastructure Firm Plaid Says Consumers Are Increasingly Using Bank Accounts to Sign-Up for Fintech Apps

Everything that Plaid is building together is part of a “bigger picture” which includes helping millions find financial freedom. As Plaid and its team prepares for 2024, they’ve taken a look back at what they consider to be the year’s biggest highlights and what they’ve… Read More

Spend Management Fintech Airbase Shares Product Update and Business Outlook for 2024

As we enter 2024, Airbase wanted to take a moment to share with the progress that the Fintech firm claims to have made in 2023. According to Airbase, it was a solid year of innovation, adoption, and recognition for them. Airbase notes in a blog… Read More

Web3 Insights: Starknet Shares 2024 Predictions Highlighting Potential Impact of Bitcoin ETFs, Blockchain Tech, AI Adoption

Starknet’ has shared its reflections and 2024 predictions with CI. The selection of reflections and predictions are from key players within the Starknet ecosystem and StarkWare. Starkware is reportedly “the main developer behind StarkNet, a layer-2 blockchain in the Ethereum ecosystem.” Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder and… Read More

Blockchain Professionals Share 2024 Outlook: Crypto Payments, Bitcoin ETFs, Global Expansion Are Focus Areas

As we enter 2024, CI has received insights from the CEO’s of crypto industry firms including professionals who are overseeing the operations of digital asset exchanges, custody platforms, payment product developers, and services associated with various other protocols. Bobby Zagotta, US CEO of Bitstamp, which… Read More

Insurtech 2024 Outlook: Economy Will Pose Challenges for Private Fintech Insurance Service Providers, Industry Exec Predicts

NEXT Insurance’s CEO has shares his 2024 predictions with CI. In a detailed note, the firm has commented on key 2024 industry predictions, which are attributed to NEXT Insurance’s Guy Goldstein. Guy’s insights aim to reflect on the major developments and trends in the insurance… Read More

Digital Assets and Blockchain Industry Set for Sustainable Growth in 2024 with Focus on Compliance and Real-World Use-Cases

The year 2024 is set to be an exceptional period for the digital assets and blockchain sector. Throughout most of 2023, there were a number of key developments that will now shape the future of the crypto industry in the coming year and even the… Read More

December Concludes Profitable Period for Auto Industry as Consumers Spend Record $578B on New Vehicles in 2023 – Report

Total new-vehicle sales for December 2023, including retail and non-retail transactions, are projected to reach 1,396,700 units, a 13.2% increase from December 2022, according to a joint forecast from J.D. Power and GlobalData. As noted in the research report, December 2023 has 26 selling days,… Read More

Ethereum Adoption: Multichain System of Independent Networks and Appchains Benefits ETH Network, Boosts Scalability, Resilience – Report

As we get ready for another crypto bull market, with Bitcoin surging past $45,000 in anticipation of expected BTC ETF approvals, it’s worth taking a look back at key industry developments. The crypto industry has reflected on significant developments throughout 2023 and plans towards a… Read More

UK Consumers Are Feeling Less Financially Secure Heading into 2024 Compared to Last Year – Survey

Four in 10 consumers are heading into 2024 saying they feel less financially secure than when 2023 began, according to new research from KPMG UK. Assessing confidence for 2024, KPMG’s latest Consumer Pulse survey of 3000 UK consumers shows those feeling worse “about their financial… Read More

Bitfinex Analysts Comment on Resilience of Crypto Industry Despite Reputational and Regulatory Challenges

If 2023 has demonstrated anything, it is the “remarkable resilience” of the crypto industry despite “reputational and regulatory challenges,” according to an update from Bitfinex. So as we head into 2024, the analysts at Bitfinex foresee “the number of global cryptocurrency owners to rocket up… Read More

Nansen Says Crypto Prices Could be Challenged as There’s a 10-20% Probability that Inflation Re-Accelerates Post Fed-Pivot

As the end of the year approaches, the Nansen team has shared key insights on higher-probability scenarios poised to take center-stage in 2024. In line or consistent with prevailing sentiment, which leans toward positive scenarios for crypto in 2024, Nansen says that their outlook remains… Read More

DeFi May Attract Mainstream Users in 2024 with Help of Innovations Like RWA Tokenization, Blockchain Professional Predicts

Jeff Owens, co-founder of Haven1, says that decentralized finance (DeFi) will finally attract mainstream users in 2024, “with the help of innovations like RWA tokenization and the hype around a potential ether spot ETF approval.” However, he also claims that wider adoption “will only happen… Read More

Entrée Capital to Continue Supporting Israel’s Unique Ecosystem, Innovation and Resilience in 2024

Entrée Capital has recently shared an update titled, A Renaissance in Israel’s high tech ecosystem in the year ahead (2024). Entrée Capital, which claims to partner with the “exceptional” to build the “impossible,” says that they remain steadfast in their commitment to supporting Israel. The… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: Polkadot Creator Gavin Wood Shares End of Year Insights, Decentralization Remains Key Theme

Gavin Wood, an Ethereum co-founder who has focused on Polkadot noted that we are seeing a global return to normalcy and resurgence of (in-person) events with it (even though various of COVID still seem to be affecting a significant number of people despite vaccinations being… Read More

US Consumer Fintech Chime Shares End of Year Highlights, Remains Focused on Improving CX

At Chime, they claim to firmly believe that their members’ experience with our products is at the core of their success. That’s why Chime claims it continuously goes the extra mile “by investing in simple, beautiful, easy experiences that allow their members to control their… Read More

Significant Uplift in Global Economic Growth Is Unlikely in 2024 Due to Tight Monetary Policies, Uncertainty – Report

A significant uplift in global growth is “unlikely” in 2024 with “no short-term end in sight to geopolitical uncertainty and tight monetary policies,” according to the latest KPMG Global Economic Outlook. Produced by leading economists from KPMG member firms around the world, this year’s report… Read More

Insurtech: Reinsurance Firms Will Start Offering Meaningful Cyber Capacity in 2024, According to CyberCube, a Cyber-Risk Analytics Firm

Traditional reinsurance companies will start offering meaningful cyber capacity in 2024 as cyber insurance is “one of the fastest growing lines of insurance to emerge in a generation,” according to the CEO of cyber risk analytics specialist, CyberCube. In a series of predictions from CyberCube… Read More

UK Economy Remains Relatively Weak, as High Interest Rates and Policy Uncertainty Take Toll on Global Growth – Report

The UK economy is limping along while high interest rates and policy uncertainty take their toll on global growth, according to an update from KPMG. KPMG noted that activity has outperformed expectations, but the UK economy “remains weak and vulnerable to shocks.” Here are some… Read More

Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Sector Growing Steadily with Over a Dozen Publicly-Traded Mining Firms – Report

In the State of the Network report, Coin Metrics continues their focused series on Bitcoin mining, spotlighting data across the crypto mining ecosystem. According to the Coin Metrics update, mining stands as “one of the most intriguing parts of the digital assets industry, often capturing… Read More

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