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Googler Captures $270,000 on Kickstarter in Four Days For New Smart Headphones

On Thursday (January 29th), San Francisco-based Glow Headphones debuted its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Seeking only $100,000, the new headphones quickly surpassed its initial and within four days raised nearly $270,000 from over 1,300 backers. According to its campaign’s website, Glow has been dubbed the world’s… Read More

Mipow’s Bluetooth Headphones M3 Makes an Appearance on Kickstarter; Captures Nearly $35,000 in Three Days

Earlier this week, California-based gadget company, Mipow, hit Kickstarter for its new Bluetooth headphones, M3. Originally seeking only $10,000, the project quickly surpassed the initial goal and has raised nearly $34,000 thanks to over 550 backers. M3 is a Bluetooth wireless headphones that have a… Read More

Kickstarter-Success FreeWavz Debuts New Campaign on Fundable

On Tuesday (January 13th),  smart wearable technology developer, FreeWavz, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Fundable to raise funds so that it will be able to expand to accelerate the build of production capacity. This new campaign comes after the company received over $325,000 on Kickstarter last… Read More

Smart Earplug Hush Continues to Rock Kickstarter; Scores Over $475,000

Hush, currently seeking funds though crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, has been dubbed the world’s first set of connected earplugs that wirelessly connects to a smartphone, to help people live and sleep when it’s noisy. Hush combines noise-masking earplugs with an app to isolate users from distractions… Read More

Listen Up: Crowdfunding-Success Wearhaus Arc Headphones Hits Kickstarter to Raise $50,000

The digital age has completely reshaped how music is shared, but headphones have not kept pace – until now. Wearhaus, a hardware startup founded by two 21-year-old UC Berkeley dropouts, is catapulting this classic piece of hardware into the 21st century with their brand new… Read More

Axent Wear’s Cat Ears Nears $2.5M on Indiegogo; Announces Extension on Campaign & Pricing

During the final hours of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Axent Wear’s very popular Cat Ears has continuing to remain in the spotlight and has scored $2,469,071 thanks to 15,291 backers. Now, the projects’ creators have announced exciting news about the famous campaign and headphones’ retail pricing. As… Read More

HWTrek to Bring Wireless 3D Headphone to Market After Kickstarter Success

HWTrek, a platform providing an ecosystem for digital electronics, has announced that Hooke, a Brooklyn, NY-based audio innovation lab, has selected HWTrek Product Development Hub (PDH) to manage and monitor its project of the same name’s progress to mass production. Hooke, the first Bluetooth headphone… Read More

HearNotes Named Top Finalist in Staples Crowdfunding Contest; Offers Pre-Orders for First Ever “WireFree” Earbuds

HearNotes Inc., creator of the first premium WireFree earbuds for superior mobile audio, announced today it is a finalist in the Fundable Crowd2Shelf contest sponsored by Staples Inc. After an avalanche of votes from consumers wanting to see the product on store shelves, HearNote is… Read More

Earins Earbuds Rockets: £415,687 First Week Crowdfunding

The search for small, wireless headphones is over! Sweden-based Earin earbuds launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week. Within a week, the campaign surpassed its initial goal of £179,000 and raised £415,687 from 3,818. Earin’s nearly invisible earbuds function as one Bluetooth headset. There’s… Read More

Wearhaus Arc Headset Surpasses Its $75k Crowdfunding Goal and Starts Production

Wearhaus Arc, the world’s first social headphones, announced on Tuesday it has reached its crowdfunding campaign goal of $75k and officially started production. The Arc uses Bluetooth technology to bring a more tangible personal experience back to music discovery. Founder of Wearhaus Arc, Nelson Zhang noted,… Read More

WearHaus Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For The Arc Headphones

Wearhaus, a startup aiming to change the way people share music, launched its very own $75k crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday for its new product, the Arc. The new wireless headphones will bring back the intimacy and fund of listening to music together. Inspired by a… Read More

Fully-Funded GEEK DAC On Kickstarter Takes Aim At Audiophiles

Gavin Fish is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Light Harmonic. Light Harmonic is the company behind the Da Vinci digital-to-analog converter (DAC). A Da Vinci DAC is a five-figure device reserved for the most ardent (and well-to-do) music lovers. Now Light Harmonic has… Read More

Sound Band On Kickstarter: Headphones Without A Speaker

It’s what Hybra Advance Technology is calling the “future of personal audio.” Sound Band is a set of headphones that clip onto your ears and deliver sound by actually delivering vibrations straight to your skull. The benefit? That leaves the ears free of obstructions, and… Read More

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