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Rearguard Action: Independent Community Bankers of America Supports Closure of Industrial Loan Charter “Loophole” to Eliminate “Shadow Banking”

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) has issued a statement of “strong support” regarding pending legislation targeting Industrial Loan Charters (ILC). An ILC is a regulated financial services charter that may be held by non-financial institutions. ILCs may hold FDIC insured deposits – a… Read More

While Community Bankers Bash Square’s Attempt to Become a Bank, Hope Rises for Fintechs and the ILC Application Process

There has been growing chatter that Square (NYSE: SQ) may soon receive approval regarding their application to become an Industrial Loan Company (ILC) which is similar to a bank. The change of leadership at the FDIC has set a more positive tone for Fintechs and their… Read More

Independent Community Bankers of America’s 2019 National Convention – Nashville

Register today for the Independent Community Bankers of America’s (ICBA) 2019 National Convention, ICBA LIVE! — the largest, most comprehensive educational and networking event for the nation’s community bankers with more than 60 learning labs and seven tracks including lending and deposits, risk regulations and… Read More

OCC: Comptroller Tells Community Bankers Position on Fintech Charter is Forthcoming

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) “stormed” Washington, DC this past week as community bankers from across the country urged much needed regulatory reform. The ICBA pronounced the “excessive and unnecessary regulation is stifling their ability to meet the needs of local communities.” As part… Read More

Independent Community Bankers of America Tells House Committee to Improve SME Lending Environment

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) testified before the House Small Business Committee on behalf of improving the environment for small business lending. Community banker and ICBA Chairman Cynthia Blankenship said she supported targeted reforms to ensure the Small Business Administration’s lending program continues… Read More

Things May Get Easier for Smaller Banks as Senate Banking Committee Moves forward with S.2155

The “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act” was approved by the Senate Committee on Banking today in a legislative move that may improve the environment for much beleaguered banking industry – most profoundly smaller banks. S.2155 found bipartisan support as the bill was… Read More

Like a Bad Dream: Community Banks Fire Back at Acting Comptroller of the Currency & His Insistence Competition is Good for Banks

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika delivered a speech this week that has the traditional banking industry up in arms.  Noreika made the heretical statement that competition is good for the banking industry inciting the wrath of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA),… Read More

Compliance Costs are Crushing Community Banks: ICBA Says Regulatory Burdens Must Change

Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) has released a comment refernencing a speech by FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg on the importance of small banks and the regulatory burden. The ICBA says excessive regulations is forcing the reduction of community banks – a truism that has… Read More

If You Can’t Compete, Lobby Against Them: ICBA Tells FDIC to Deny Square Bank License, Asks Congress to Stop ILCs Altogether

There are two ways that big business competes in the USA. You can provide a better product or service for your customers or you can work with elected and appointed officials to block innovative firms. Of course, the consumer loses out in all this, but… Read More

Here is the Letter by the ICBA Slamming SoFi’s Effort to Become a Bank

Last week, the Independent Community Bankers of America  (ICBA) sent a letter to the attention of Kathy Moe, Regional Director of the FDIC in San Francisco. The subject of the letter was the ICBA’s vehement opposition to Fintech darling SoFi’s effort to become a licensed… Read More

Crazy Talk: Independent Community Bankers of America Wants to Stop SoFi From Getting Bank Charter

The  Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), a lobbying group representing small banks, wants to put the Kibosh on SoFi offering banking services in the US. As was recently reported, SoFi has applied for a Charter as it seeks to broaden its services to a far wider audience…. Read More

Community Banks Tell US Government Regulatory Burden Hurts Innovation

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) has sent a comment letter to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regarding ” responsible innovation”.  While everyone understands that Fintech can provide incredible benefits to both consumers and the economy, smaller banks are getting the… Read More

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