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RenRen Sells Shares in SoFi

Renren (NYSE: RENN), an early investor in the first Fintech unicorn SoFi, recently announced it had sold preferred shares in SoFi to investors on April 4th. The transaction was completed in conjunction with SoFi’s $500 million funding round. Renren is an early investor in SoFi which… Read More

Fundrise Sizes Up China Market for Possible Expansion

Fundrise, a trailblazer in the real estate crowdfunding space, is looking to expand and China is high on the list.  It is a natural step for the platform as the largest investor in Fundrise is Renren, a publicly traded social media platform based in Beijing…. Read More

Fundrise: Poised to Alter Real Estate Finance Forever.

Recently I was attending a real estate finance conference on crowdfunding and I was fortunate to hear Brandon Jenkins, the Fundrise Director of Product, speak about the future of real estate from the perspective of Fundrise.  His comments were coming off the exciting announcement that… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Site Fundrise Raises Over $31 Million

Real estate crowdfunding platform Fundrise has raised more than $31 million in financing from a consortium of real estate, technology, and financial institutions. The financing round was led by Chinese social media site Renren, Marty Burger and Tal Kerret, the CEO and CIO of Silverstein Properties, and… Read More

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