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Martin Wheatley to Depart FCA in September

Martin Wheatley, the current FCA CEO, has announced his departure from the regulatory agency as of September 12, 2015. Wheatley will continue to advise the FCA board until January of 2016. Tracey McDermott will be taking over as Acting CEO from September 12 while the search for… Read More

FCA Annual Report: “Breaking down those barriers that have prevented firms coming into sectors, like banking, is an essential part of our role”

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has been tasked with a mission to change and adapt to present day financial market realities.  Charged with the very important role of investor protection, and market efficiency, the FCA also maintains a mission to encourage competition.  It is this… Read More

Brief: FCA Calls on Individuals to Remain Vigilant Against Fraudsters as New Pension Options Loom

There is always another fraudster hunting for a new method to separate investors from their hard earned money by offering bogus investment opportunities. With updates forthcoming for UK pension options, the FCA has called on individuals to be aware of opportunities that are probably too… Read More

Crowdcube’s Luke Lang in Agreement with FCA Recent Regulatory Review

Last week Crowdfund Insider published a write up on the regulatory review completed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. At that time Crowdfund Insider quoted the FCA document that summed things up: “We have seen the crowdfunding market continue to grow rapidly. We recognise that it is… Read More

UK Financial Conduct Authority: “To Regulate Effectively We Must Evolve Too”

FCA Announces New Strategic Approach & Sharper Focus on Regulatory Challenges. The FCA intends on confronting regulatory challenges by reviewing their process and approach. Following this internal review the financial regulators have revealed their new strategy in tackling the fast changing realm of securities and… Read More

UK Financial Conduct Authority Launches Innovation Hub. Encourages Change in the Interest of Consumers.

Meanwhile the SEC Stalls on Pushing Forward to Facilitate Title III & Title IV Crowdfunding. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK regulatory body similar to the SEC, has announced the opening of their Innovation Hub as they embrace change and creativity in financial services…. Read More

The Things Regulators Say in the UK & USA

Crowdfunding Sees Growing Regulatory Support. “We are now looking for areas where the system itself needs to adapt to new technology or broader change – rather than the other way round. We want to ensure that positive developments, the ones that promise to improve the lives of… Read More

FCA Chief Executive Martin Wheatley Shares Details About Project Innovate

Innovative firms, particularly smaller startups, will be offered the change to work with the FCA while developing new technologies and approaches to ensure they are compliant with regulations from the moment they go live said FCA chief –executive Martin Wheatley earlier today. While speaking at… Read More

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