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Crowdfunded Super Pac MayDay Tries Again

Lawrence Lessig’s Experiment to Fix Politics Gears Up for 2015 Mayday PAC,a crowdfunded, independent political action committee, has launched its 2015 campaign to advance fundamental political reform.  Following tepid results in the 2014 cycle, Lessig and his partners are preparing to give it another go…. Read More

Center for Competitive Politics Files FEC Complaint: Mayday PAC Violated Campaign Finance Laws

The Center for Competitive Politics (CCP) today filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Mayday PAC, the self-proclaimed “SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs,” founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig. The complaint documents that at least twelve Mayday PAC television ads, radio ads, and mailings failed to comply… Read More

Mayday PAC Will Target Eight Congressional Races, Announces Three Candidates

Mayday PAC earlier ran a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $5 million as part of their project to buy back elected officials that are representative of the nation.  The organization announced today three of the congressional races they will be supporting while simultaneously announcing they… Read More

Mayday PAC Discloses All $10K+ Contributor Names

Mayday PAC Has Crowdfunded Over 60,000 Individual Contributions. Mayday PAC, an organization that aims to elect a Congress committed to fundamental reform, has fulfilled their commitment to release the data about all contributors through July 31st including the names of those who gave more than $10,000 on… Read More

Gil Fulbright -Fake Candidate for Senate Has Raised Over $72,000 on Indiegogo

Most politicians are ineffective narcissists with a single objective of maintaining their position in public office while accomplishing as little as possible.  Yes I admit I hold our elected class in low regard but after working with them in our nations capital for a few… Read More

Mayday PAC Beats $5 Million Crowdfunding Goal

Mayday PAC, a campaign to take back the broken political system that has frustrated the populace of the “most powerful country in the world” hurdled past the $5 million fundraising target that had a deadline of the 4th of July.  Just a few days prior… Read More

Super PAC Created to “End All SuperPACs” Launches Phase 2 after Meeting 1st Crowdfunding Goal

Big Names Provide Matching Funds to Fix Badly Broken Congress. Political MayDay PAC hit their initial goal of crowdfunding $1 million two weeks ahead of schedule.  Now the social campaign has launched the next phase of its effort by targeting their next fundraising goa of… Read More

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