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Geez. Steve Wozniak’s Token Listing WOZX for Efforce Zooms to $950 Million Market Cap in Minutes

Steve Wozniak, aka the Woz, has moved into the digital asset sector quickly generating headlines. The Apple co-founder is helping to launch Efforce, a startup seeking to “disrupt the energy efficiency market,” that kicked off with a token offering that saw a market cap hit… Read More

As Twitter Condemns, Goldman Sachs Denies Accusations that Gender Plays a Role in Apple Card Issuance

This past weekend, Crowdfund Insider reported on the growing cacophony of accusations that individuals applying for an Apple Card (NASDAQ:AAPL), issued by Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), were receiving lower credit limits based on gender. The entire dust-up was spawned by a series of tweets from David… Read More

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Talks Zuckerberg, Bitcoin and AI, Throws Cold Water on the Prospect of Self-Driving Cars

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak granted an interview to Bloomberg’s Yousef Gamal El-Din this week in which he issued calming statements about the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), briefly discussed bitcoin and chastened Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, stating, “you can make a choice…(and) draw the (ethical)… Read More

#CryptoInvestSummit : Crypto May Be Down, But Interest Increases in Digital Assets

Last week during LA Blockchain Week, the Crypto Invest Summit took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This event followed a successful Spring event where over 4500 individuals registered but organizers struggled to handle the sudden rush to attend the event. The Fall CIS… Read More

The Woz Becomes Co-Founder of Blockchain Based VC EQUI Global, Plans Tradable Token

Tech icon and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is diving further into the blockchain arena by co-founding EQUI Global – a firm that is described as a “global game changer” that will disrupt venture capital. Wozniak, or the Woz, is joining several high profile individuals including… Read More

Bitcoin Will Need to Be Worth $213 000 Before it Can Function As Money, Says Swiss Bank UBS

Proponents like Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and former Wall Street analyst Tone Vays envision a world united by single digital currency: Bitcoin. But a new report from UBS, Switzerlands’s largest banking conglomerate, suggests that Bitcoin has a long way… Read More

Blockchain and Crypto “Trustworthy” but Will Need to Mature, Says Apple Co-Founder Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, who co-founded the Apple Computer Company with Steve Jobs in 1976, has made more public comments on blockchain and virtual currency systems, this time at the NEX tech conference in New York, CNBC reports. Although the sometimes complex tech is promising (“decentralized and… Read More

Kano’s Second Kickstarter Achieves $500,000 Goal; Receives Funding Support From Apple Co-Founder & Grammy-Winning Composer

With nearly one week until its second Kickstarter comes to an end, tech startup Kano has successfully secured its initial $500,000 funding target. The company launched the initiative last month for its new creative computer systems. Reportedly, the project received return support from backer Steve Wozniak, the… Read More

Mayday PAC Beats $5 Million Crowdfunding Goal

Mayday PAC, a campaign to take back the broken political system that has frustrated the populace of the “most powerful country in the world” hurdled past the $5 million fundraising target that had a deadline of the 4th of July.  Just a few days prior… Read More

The Woz Lends Voice to Crowdfunding Super Pac MayDay

Cultural icon Steve Wozniak, part of the magic behind the founding of Apple, has spoken up in support of the MayDay PAC founded by Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig.  In a video message (embedded below), the Woz talks about all of the problems with our current… Read More

Homebrew Computer Club, Where Wozniak & Jobs Demonstrated Their Apple I, Crowdfunds Reunion

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to share their revolutionary creation back in 1976 – they did not organize a press conference.  They went to the only place they new (or could afford to go to) to show off their iconic Apple I –… Read More

The Woz Pre-Orders Successfully Crowdfunded “Tile Item Finder”

The Tile locator device successfully crowdfunded $2,681,297 using the self crowdfunding application “SelfStarter” becoming the most successfully self crowdfunded campaign ever. The crowdfunding campaign not only raised more than enough funds to fulfill the financing needs of the company but indicated a growing market interest… Read More

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