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Lawrence Lessig’s Crowdfunding Campaign For Presidential Candidacy Successfully Reaches $1M Goal

Last month, Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard Professor, iconoclast, and creator of MayDay PAC, announced to the world that he was looking to raise $1 million to become the next president of the United States. He declared that he was currently seeking the nomination of the Democratic… Read More

Lawrence Lessig, Creator of Crowdfunded MayDay PAC, is Running for President

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard Professor, iconoclast, and creator of MayDay PAC, has entered the 2016 Presidential election. Lessig is seeking the nomination of the Democratic party joining Bernie Sanders in the quest to dethrone Hillary Clinton from her anointed position as party standard bearer.  Lessig,… Read More

Lawrence Lessig Out as CEO Of Mayday PAC. Replaced by former New York Governor Candidate Zephyr Teachout

Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard Professor and serial gadfly turned PAC operator, is out as CEO of Mayday PAC – an entity he created to fix the world of money and politics. Lessig is being replaced by law professor, and former New York governor candidate, Zephyr… Read More

Mayday PAC Resurfaces at SXSW as Lawrence Lessig Reveals “Next Steps”

Lawrence Lessig’s movement to crowdfund political change via his Mayday PAC has been quiet since the last political cycle revealed minimal success in his organization’s attempt to support candidates that back his vision of fundamental political change.  The first attempt is being described as “experimental”. Now Lessig… Read More

Mayday PAC Candidate Jim Rubens Loses Primary to Scott Brown

Mayday PAC, the crowdfunded Super PAC created by Lawrence Lessig, lost a battle for the New Hampshire primary yesterday following significant spending that Mayday staff described as tight race just a few days prior.  The former Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown, who became a New… Read More

Mayday PAC Aids Rubens Senate Campaign, Polls Show Candidate Closing Gap

Mayday PAC has paid for and released a television and radio ad with former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey, a 2 term US Senate Republican, endorsing the Maday selected candidate Jim Rubens.  The final weeks of the New Hampshire Senate campaign show a rapid improvement… Read More

Mayday PAC Helps Candidate Win Primary in Arizona

Voters Back Ruben Gallego as Mayday PAC Contributes $150,000 to His Campaign. Mayday PAC ran a grass roots crowdfunding campaign earlier this year to raised funds to battle special interests and big money in the US political system.  Essentially founder Lawrence Lessig took the approach… Read More

MayOne, “SuperPAC to End All SuperPACs” Breaks $1 Million

In less than two weeks of their self-crowdfunding campaign, MayOne has surpassed the $1 million amount raised by thousands of supporters.  Capitalizing on the profound frustration of many with the endemic problems intrinsic to the US political process, the project has easily raised this amount… Read More

MayOne Super Pac Wants to Kickstart Real Government Reform

Based on the fact that government has failed us, the MayDay PAC wants to “Kickstart” a Super Pac to fix our democracy.  Regardless of whether you sit on the right or the left – most people can agree that our government today is very broken…. Read More

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