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Supporters Flock to GoFundMe & Raise Over $500,000 For Indiana Pizzeria That Backs New Religious Freedom Law

It’s been a wild few weeks for Indiana. Last month, the state governor, Mike Pence, announced the Religious freedom restoration act, which states that a state or local government action may not substantially burden a person’s right to the exercise of religion unless it is demonstrated that applying… Read More

Indiana Secretary of State Promotes New Crowdfunding Law

With a little under two months since investment crowdfunding has been legal in the state of Indiana, Secretary of State Connie Lawson spoke about the new opportunity the intrastate exemption is providing for growing businesses. Speaking about the state’s crowdfunding progress, Lawson stated, “Small businesses… Read More

Crowdfunding Day in Indiana as State Exemption Goes Live

A growing number of states have taken it upon themselves to push forward with investment crowdfunding while the SEC still ponders Title IV and Title III of the JOBS Act. While Title II of the fabled bill has been in effect since September of 2013… Read More

Florida State Crowdfunding Exemption Hits Roadblock

  It was only this past March that Florida announced investment crowdfunding legislation to help foster economic growth in the state.  The bi-partisan bill, sponsored by State Representative Bryan Nelson (R-31) and State Senator Jeff Clemens (D-27), appeared set to join the growing wave of… Read More

Indiana Signs Crowdfunding Bill Into Law

Governor Mike Pence has signed into law, Senate Bill 375, the state exemption to allow investment crowdfunding for companies and investors located in the state of Indiana.  The law becomes effective on July 1, 2014. A vital part of the Governor’s legislative agenda, the bill… Read More

Indiana Moves Forward with Crowdfunding Bill

The tidal wave of states enacting legislation to create exemptions for equity crowdfunding continues as Indiana has just forwarded a bill to be signed into law to the desk of Governor Mike Pence. The Indiana Law could go into effect as early as July 1,… Read More

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