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There is Friction Between New Finance & Old Regulation. Milken Report Highlights Legislative Progress on Fintech, Makes Recommendations as to How Congress Can Do More

US Capitol Hill Washington DC

The Milken Institute is out with a comprehensive report this week that drills down into existing legislative action by Congress that addresses the emerging Fintech industry. This is the first report of its kind and provides a solid perspective on what Congress has accomplished to… Read More

Milken Institute, PayPal Host Seminar on Crowdfunding

The Milken Institute, Center for Financial Markets and PayPal have partnered in a gathering in San Jose, California about Crowdfunding. The event is taking place tomorrow (Thursday, December 12). Daniel Gorfine,  Director of Financial Market Policy and Legal Counsel at the Milken Institute will moderate… Read More

Today’s Crowdfunding Session from Milken Institute (Video)

Above is the video from today’s session at the Milken Institute entitled; Crowdfunding: Decentralizing, Disintermediating, Disrupting. Panelists included: Chris Brummer, Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center Candace Klein, Founder and CEO, SoMoLend Benjamin Miller, Co-Founder, Fundrise Babak Nivi, Co-Founder and… Read More

Crowdfunding to Be Topic at Milken Global Conference

Commencing this week in Los Angeles is the annual Global Conference, sponsored by the Milken Institute.  The event covers a diverse list of global issues – including crowdfunding. The conference began in 1998 and has grown over the years from 700 attendees to this years expected… Read More

Crowdfunding: Decentralizing, Disintermediating, Disrupting

Over the past year, we here at the Milken Institute have explored and analyzed how the JOBS Act might open up new avenues for American companies – most notably job-creating startups and small businesses – to gain access to capital. At the same time, our work has… Read More

Crowdfunding Needs Flexibility to Reach Full Potential

Recently a superlative document was published by the Milken Institute which reflected upon the current state of crowdfunding domestically within the United States but also drawing on parallels abroad.  This missive was authored  by Messrs.  Chris Brummer, a law professor at Georgetown University and Daniel Gorfine,… Read More

Crowdfunding and 506 Private Placements

I read an exceptional article back in November written by Daniel Gorfine and Ben Miller.  Daniel is Director of Special Projects & Legal Counsel for the esteemed Milken Institute and Ben is Co-Founder of Fundrise – a direct investment platform for local real estate and… Read More

The Real Estate Deal That Could Change the Future of Everything

Dan and Ben Miller began tugging two years ago at a simple question they believe is central to the failings of the American real estate industry. The brothers – sons of a well-known Washington, D.C. developer – had begun acquiring properties themselves in the city’s… Read More

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