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PledgeMe Plans Expansion into Australia as Equity Crowdfunding Rules Improve

PledgeMe, a New Zealand based crowdfunding platform, has announced an expansion into Australia just as equity crowdfunding regulations are scheduled to change. Australia has been slow to improve their regulatory environment for raising capital online but improved rules will be in place soon. “Australia is… Read More

Module Project Limited Launches Second PledgeMe Campaign to Fund Next Stage of Commercializing Mobile Wireless Speaker

Auckland-based social enterprise The Module Project Limited has launched its second equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe to fund the next stage of commercializing its long-lasting and upgradeable mobile wireless speaker, Decibel. The company was founded in 2015 by co-founders Vince Lovrich and Ketzal Sterling. It… Read More

Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Platform MyCarYourRental Seeks $300,000 on PledgeMe to Continue Growing Car Sharing Community

New Zealand-based peer-to-peer rental platform, MyCarYourRental, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe. The company is seeking $300,000 (max $800,000), which will go towards growing its car sharing community. MyCarYourRental is described as a safe and secure online service that allows Kiwis to rent… Read More

PledgeMe Launches Lending Month of May: Seeks to Help Kiwis Learn More About Crowdlending

On Monday, New Zealand’s crowdfunding platform PledgeMe announced it was dedicating the month of May to lending related goodness. While sharing details about the initiative, the PledgeMe team stated that throughout the month they will be connecting with Kiwis who are interested and curious about crowdlending…. Read More

PledgeMe Announces New Pricing For CrowdfundingU Program

On Friday, crowdfunding platform PledgeMe announced the new pricing for its CrowdfundingU program. This news comes less than two months after the funding portal revealed it was providing tiered CrowdfundingU programs for equity and lending campaigns.  CrowdfundingU offers a structured 6-week program for equity campaigners…. Read More

Social Enterprise Thankyou Payroll Looks to Expand: Announces Upcoming PledgeMe Campaign

Dunedin and Wellington-based social enterprise Thankyou Payroll is set to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe next month. The company is seeking funds as it prepares to expand.  Since its launch in 2010, Thankyou Payroll has provided a cloud-based payroll intermediary service to businesses… Read More

PledgeMe Announces Credit Card Fees & CrowdfundingU Changes

Crowdfunding platform PledgeMe announced on Wednesday it is making a few changes to its credit card fees. The portal revealed the fee charged to campaign creators is going from up to 7.5% to a flat fee of 6.5%. It will also provide tiered CrowdfundingU programs for… Read More

PledgeMe’s Anna Guenther: Here’s What We Learned in 2016

Celebrating the new year by offering a few tips for growing a business, CEO and co-founder of crowdfunding platform PledgeMe, Anna Guenther, discussed what she and her team learned over the course of 2016. Guenther revealed in a blog post: “Another year older, another year… Read More

Sushi Ninja Closes PledgeMe Funding Round With Over $250,000 Invested

New Plymouth restaurant, Sushi Ninja, recently closed its equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe. The company was seeking $150,000 for its new Kaizen sushi convey-belt style diner at Centre City shopping center. The initiative was successful and raised $250,000 from 32 investors. As previously reported, wife/husband co-owners… Read More

Denheath Desserts Closes PledgeMe Crowdlending Campaign With Nearly $370,000 in Funds

Denheath Desserts, a custard square brand from South Canterbury, has officially closed its crowdlending campaign, which raised nearly $369,001 from 161 investors, on PledgeMe. Denheath Desserts currently produces 10,000 custard squares per day from its Timaru factor.  The company’s previously revealed “From a small sleepy family-owned cafe to an iconic… Read More

Update: Denheath Desserts Surpasses $300,000 Funding Target During PledgeMe Crowdlending Campaign

Denheath Desserts, a custard square brand from South Canterbury, has successfully secured its initial $300,000 funding target through its crowdlending campaign on PledgeMe. The company launched the initiative in late October, seeking a max of $1.2 million to accelerate its self-proclaimed “World Custard Invasion,” grow distribution in New… Read More

Sushi Ninja Seeks Funds on PledgeMe For New Kaiten Sushi Conveyor-Belt Style Diner

Sushi Ninja, a New Plymouth-based restaurant, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe with a mission to raise a minimum of $150,000 (max $250,000) for the fit-out of its new kaiten sushi conveyor-belt style diner at Centre City shopping center. Wife/husband co-owners of Sushi Ninja,… Read More

Custard Square Company Denheath Desserts Launches Crowdlending Campaign on PledgeMe

Denheath Desserts, a custard square brand from South Canterbury, launched its crowdlending campaign on PledgeMe on Monday. The company is seeking a minimum of $300,000 (max $1.2 million) to accelerate its self-proclaimed “World Custard Invasion,”  grow distribution and New Zealand, and start expansion plans in Hong Kong, Singapore, and… Read More

Cricket Batmaker Laver & Wood Set to Launch Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on PledgeMe

Laver & Wood, a Hawkes Bay-based cricket batmaker, announced on Wednesday it is planning to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe next month. The company is seeking to raise between $250,000 and $1,000,000 which represents 5.8%–20% of the company. Shares are $1 each with a minimum… Read More

Brief: PledgeMe Hits the Road Again For New North Island Tour

On Thursday, New Zealand-based crowdfunding platform PledgeMe announced it was hitting the road again for a new North Island tour. This past spring, the funding portal conducted a “Tour de South Island” to share with orders the concept of equity crowdfunding. The PledgeMe team revealed:… Read More

Canterbury Company Knewe Biosystems Announces Upcoming PledgeMe Campaign For New Cow Prebiotic Supplement

Canterbury Researchers from Knewe Biosystems Limited announced on Friday they are launching a campaign on New Zealand’s equity crowdfunding platform, PledgeMe. The company is seeking to raise funds to develop and patent a new prebiotic supplement to improve digestive ability in cows and other livestock. Sharing… Read More

Brief: PledgeMe Launches New Feature “PledgeMe.Friends”

On Tuesday, CEO of New Zealand crowdfunding platform PledgeMe, Anna Guenther, introduced a new feature called “PledgeMe.Friends,” which will offer a nice “bonus” for those who inspire companies to use its website. The funding portal first introduced the PledgeMe.Friends concept while updating users on its yearly progress earlier… Read More

New Zealand Social Enterprise Thought-Wired Seeks $200,000 on PledgeMe For Communication Software Development

Thought-Wired announced on Wednesday the launch of its PledgeMe campaign. The New Zealand social enterprise is currently seeking $200,000 through the initiative as it looks to fund the next stage of commercializing its thought sensing software. Launched in 2011, Thought-Wired’s product nous is described as a piece… Read More

ParrotDog Closes PledgeMe Initiative After Securing $2M in Two Days

Just two days after its PledgeMe launch, ParrotDog’s highly successful crowdfunding campaign secured over $2 million from over 800 investors. The company decided to close the initiative. ParrotDog, which was founded in 2011 by Matt Stevens, Matt Kristofski, and Matt Warner, is described as one of… Read More

ParrotDog Announces Upcoming PledgeMe Initiative For New Lyall Bay Brewery

On Thursday, Wellington-based brewing company ParrotDog announced its upcoming PledgeMe initiative. The company will be seeking between $1.2 million and $2 million for its new Lyall Bay brewery.  Founded in 2011 by Matt Stevens, Matt Kristofski, and Matt Warner, ParrotDog is described as one of the “leading” craft breweries… Read More

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