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ProHatch Moves into Real Estate Crowdfunding

ProHatch, a diversified alternative capital platform, has announced a strategic shift into real estate crowdfunding. Real estate crowdfunding, for both debt and equity, is one of the hottest sectors in the crowdfunding industry. “We are differentiating ourselves in the burgeoning market of crowdfunding by offering… Read More

ProHatch Gains Investment from Pavonis Group

The Pavonis Group has closed a seed investment in crowdfunding platform, ProHatch LLC. This round of capital will primarily fuel ProHatch’s platform enhancements for investment crowdfunding and acceleration of their real estate vertical. ProHatch is a crowdfunding platform built where professionals can come together in… Read More

ProHatch Announces New Crowdfunding Advisory Services

ProHatch, a strategic crowdfunding and consulting ecosystem for both donations based and rewards based crowdfunding, has released a new suite of Business and Crowdfunding Advisory Services. ProHatch’s Advisory Services team specialize in transforming commercial and social value into sustainable & investable opportunity. “While Crowdfunding and the… Read More

Crowdfunding’s Place On The Capital Ladder

Often times crowdfunding in the United States is discussed as a dichotomy. On one hand you have the brand of crowdfunding that takes place now, the donation- and rewards-based models that fuel sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and countless others. On the other hand you have… Read More

ProHatch Launches Crowdfunding Competition

ProHatch is Accepting Applications for the #GET_HATCHED Crowdfunding Competition- Prize Package Includes $5,000 & Expert Mentoring.   ProHatch, a Crowdfunding Incubator has announced it is accepting project applications for their first #GET_HATCHED Crowdfunding Competition. #GET_HATCHED is open to entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMBs, 501(c)(3)s and individuals looking… Read More

ProHatch’s Reward Campaigns Go Live

Announces Registration  for Web Series Event “Crowdfinance and Women Owned Enterprises” ProHatch goes live with reward campaigns from the 1st monthly web event in its 2013 Incubator Series. Following 6 weeks of intensive preparation, these innovative social and business enterprises will begin fundraising for the first 30-day phase… Read More

No SEC action, no worries for crowdfunding advocate

The one-year anniversary of the JOBS Act has come and gone with no action from the Securities and Exchange Commission to open up equity crowdfunding to the masses. But at least one chief executive officer of a new crowdfunding company isn’t letting that get her… Read More

The state of the crowdfunding industry: stronger than ever

Crowdfunding has once again become a hot topic in the financial world, given the recent one-year anniversary of the JOBS Act on April 5. The JOBS Act legalized equity- and debt-based crowdfunding in the U.S. However the SEC has missed congressionally mandated deadlines to complete… Read More

Video Series: ProHatch Offers Crowdfunding Tips From Recent Incubator

ProHatch recently held what is rumored to be an extremely successful crowdfunding incubator, and they have made the videos from the training sessions available to the public. Guest speakers include Sara Hanks from CrowdCheck, Domenick Celentano from Foodpreneur, and Joy Schoffler and Jillian Pedersen from… Read More

ProHatch Takes Unique Approach To Crowdfunding Transparency

I recently had an opportunity to tour the inner workings of ProHatch’s crowdfunding system, and the approach they’ve taken to raising money may be more in line with how entrepreneurs start and build businesses. As of right now ProHatch is a donation-based platform, but they… Read More

Crowdfunding How To: ProHatch, IPO Village Founders Share Tips & Tricks

For most, crowdfunding success isn’t as easy as posting an offering and sharing it on a favorite social network.  A successful offering takes careful planning and active management both during and after the campaign.  In this crowdfunding how to guide, I’ll outline the process and… Read More

Preparing Your Business For Successful Crowdfunding

Since the JOBS Act was signed in April, businesses of all types are recognizing the power of Crowdfunding through Social Media and the Internet as an alternative source for raising capital (vs. trying to secure a bank loan, a venture capital firm or an angel… Read More

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