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EquityZen Says that 28% of “Unicorns” are Now Trading Under $1 Billion

Private securities marketplace EquityZen has issued a report that notes 28% of unicorns are now trading at less than $1 billion. These former unicorns have been impacted by the overall decline in markets as well as a stumbling economy, which has impacted valuations and access… Read More

EquityZen Chief Strategy Officer Shares Expectations for IPOs in 2024

Initial public offerings (IPOs) were pretty moribund in 2023. According to EY, global IPO volumes drooped by 8% in 2023, with proceeds down by 33% compared with 2022. The global IPO market ended in 2023 with 1,298 offerings, which raised $123.2 billion. Compare this to… Read More

EquityZen Celebrates 10 Years of Business, Rebrands with New Logo, Design

EquityZen is celebrating ten years of operation. EquityZen is a marketplace for private securities. EquityZen is not a primary issuance platform but provides liquidity for shares in private firms – frequently from employees that have been granted shares in companies that are not listed on… Read More

Has the Dust Settled? EquityZen Says IPO Market Needs Catalyst for a Lot of Pent Up Demand

Initial public offerings have hit the pause button in the past months – at least until recently. Last week, CAVA (NYSE:CAVA), a Mediterranean restaurant concept, successfully floated shares on the NYSE, seeing the shares rocket on the first day of trading. The strong showing in… Read More

EquityZen Touts Secondary Market Opportunity During Slow Primary Environment

EquityZen, a secondary marketplace for private securities, has distributed a post t0utuing the secondary market for private securities during a slow period of primary issuance and funding rounds. Of course, this is to the benefit of EquityZen as it is what the company provides, but… Read More

EquityZen Again Predicts Improving IPO Market Towards End of Year

EquityZen is out with another note reiterating its expectation that the initial public offering (IPO) market will pick up toward the end of the year. Currently, IPOs during Q1 of 2023 were pretty tame, with just 33 IPOs on US exchanges. According to EY, the… Read More

EquityZen Predicts that Ongoing Bank Crisis will be Catalyst for IPO Market

Phil Haslett, co-founder and Chief Strategy officer at EquityZen, believes that the ongoing bank crisis could be a catalyst for the initial public offering (IPO) market in 2023. So this may be a bit of a stretch, but Haslett sees the collapse of Silicon Valley… Read More

EquityZen Comments on Private Markets Following Demise of Silicon Valley Bank

The demise of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) left a big hole in the early-stage/private firm ecosystem. SVB was a favorite bank of VCs and hence the companies they invested in.  The failure of SVBs has exacerbated the already challenging funding environment for private firms that… Read More

EquityZen Founder: There is a Pickup in Secondary Transactions of Private Securities, as Shares are “On Sale”

EquityZen founder and Chief Strategy Officer Phil Haslett is seeing a pick up in the secondary market, which can be seen as a precursor to traditional IPOs, according to an email from the firm. EquityZen is a top secondary trading platform for private securities. Since its… Read More

EquityZen CEO Says Now is the Time to Buy Private Securities

Atish Davda, CEO and founder of EquityZen, a secondary market for private securities, says now is the time for people to invest in private firms. While public markets have tanked since the beginning of the year, experiencing exceptional volatility in recent months, and private markets… Read More

Private Company Investment Platform EquityZen Closes Growth Opportunity Fund for Pre-IPO Firms

EquityZen, a marketplace for private firms that caters to accredited and institutional-focused investors, has closed on its 7th Growth Opportunity Fund. The Fund will invest in 15 to 20 later-stage private firms allowing investors to gain a diversified portfolio of promising younger companies. Since 2013,… Read More

EquityZen Recognized by World Economic Forum as Tech Pioneer, Alongside Other Fintechs

EquityZen, a secondary marketplace for private securities, has received a nice recognition from the World Economic Forum (WEF), according to a note from the firm. The WEF has selected EquityZen as a company in the list of the 100 of the most promising Technology Pioneers… Read More

Private Securities Marketplace EquityZen Connects with RIAs and Family Offices in Partnership with Addepar

EquityZen is broadening pre-IPO access to RIAs and Family Offices through a new partnership with Addepar, according to a note from the company. Addepar is a Wealthtech management platform that specializes in data aggregation, analytics, and performance reporting. Currently, $1.7 trillion in assets are tracked… Read More

U.S. Fintech EquityZen Forms New Partnership With Hightower For Private Liquidity Network for Clients

EquityZen, a New York-based fintech firm that operates a secondary marketplace, announced on Tuesday it has formed a partnership, partnered with Hightower as an inaugural member of its Private Liquidity Network (PLN). According to EquityZen, Hightower’s PLN offers advisers a unique tool to support clients holding private company… Read More

EquityZen Shares Data on Portfolio Performance

EquityZen, a secondary market for private securities and fund platform, recently posted an update on platform performance. The results are interesting. First of all, investing in any early stage firm is a risky endeavor. Many, if not most, early stage companies fail or meander along…. Read More

New York Fintech Firm EquityZen Secures $6.5 Million During New Financing Round Led By Draper Associates

EquityZen, a New York-based fintech firm that operates a secondary marketplace for company-approved transactions in pre-IPO stock announced on Tuesday it secured $6.5 million during its latest financing round, which was led by Draper Associates. According to the company, the latest financing deal comes as private… Read More

Five Online Investment Platforms to Join Millennium Trust Company’s Network

On Tuesday, Millennium Trust Company announced it was expanding alternative investment access for advisors and individuals by adding five online investment platforms to its network, Millennium Alternative Investment Network (MAIN). Along with Lending Club, which joined late last month, these portals are EquityZen, iCapital Network, Prodigy Network, R.J. Oasis.  Millennium… Read More

What Do You Guys Do Differently? EquityZen Secondary Market Explains.

EquityZen is a platform that seeks to provide liquidity in private company securities. This is one company that has benefited from the plunging decline in early stage IPOs. Founders Atish Davda, Shriram Bhashyam, and Phil Haslett created the company with a single ambition: to redesign… Read More

Forbes Adds Seven FinTech Sandbox Members to Fintech 50 List of 2015

FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit that helps FinTech startups access data and build great products, announced on Thursday that seven of its community members were recently named to the prestigious Forbes FinTech 50 list for 2015. The winners include four Sandbox residents who rely on critical… Read More

SEC Launches Probe of Pre-IPO Tech Stock Sales Transactions

  What started as an action against a single company in late June has evolved into a probe of an entire industry. As reported by the Wall Street Journal late last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a new probe spurred by… Read More

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