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Sara Hanks Joins Advisory Board of Upstream

  Sara Hanks has joined the Advisory Board of Upstream – part of Horizon. Upstream is a MERJ Exchange market providing liquidity for digital securities. MERJ supports both global issuers of traditional and digital securities indlucing issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, and registry. Hanks is well… Read More

Seedrs Reports Biggest Month Yet for Secondary Transactions of Crowdfunded Securities

New York Stock Exchange 1939

  Seedrs is unique in the fact it has created a viable secondary marketplace for crowdfunded securities. While still rather small, where other platforms have struggled Seedrs has incorporated an effective trading platform that continues to iterate, evolve, and expand thus providing an element of… Read More

Orchard: There are Two Sides to the Marketplace Lending Slowdown

    The first quarter of 2016 saw the US economy slip into a bit of a funk. Lingering questions regarding the sustainability of the economic recovery were buffeted by geopolitical tensions. The marketplace lending industry was in no way immune to the shifting winds… Read More

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