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David Weild: The Collapse of the Small IPO is Undermining Entrepreneurship, Tokenization May Help Fix the Problem

David Weild 2

Last week Crowdfund Insider attended the KoreSummit in Miami – a security token focused event. The opening presentation was delivered by David Weild, a former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ and now CEO of his own firm Weild & Co. Weild, a staunch proponent of the… Read More

JOBS Act 3.0: Breaking Down Highlights of The  “JOBS and Investor Confidence Act of 2018”

Republic Democrat Politics Washington DC

Earlier this month the House Financial Services Committee unveiled a new bill aimed at fostering increased private investment. The “JOBS and Investor Confidence Act of 2018,” as the bill is titles, is actually a compilation of 32 individual bills. While the complete list of the… Read More

Venture Exchange Bill Passes US House of Representatives on Voice Vote

Stock Exchange Broker Dealer

The US House of Representatives passed the “Main Street Growth Act” (H.R. 5877) yesterday. The bill was passed on a voice vote indicating solid bipartisan support. Sponsored by Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the bill amends the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to allow for… Read More

Brady Fletcher Wants Your Money, Millennials

The Crowd Wall Street Bull

Past generations have had their market opportunities; the Baby Boomers the jump in energy prices during the 1970’s and Generation X had the tech boom (and bust) of the 1990’s. But Brady Fletcher says the empowerment-driven Millennials haven’t had their own spring of market luck…. Read More

Korea Exchange Launches Korea Startup Market using Blockchain Technology

Block Stock Exchanges

The Korea Exchange (KRX) has launched the Korea Startup Market (KSM) a service that provides a marketplace where the shares of early stage companies can be traded in the public market. As part of the launch, the KSM is utilizing the technology of Korean blockchain startup… Read More

Snowball Effect Prepares Secondary Market for Crowdfunded Securities

Snowball Effect Providing Liquidity

Snowball Effect recently surveyed their registered users and they received a lot of feedback on providing liquidity for investors. The equity crowdfunding platform initially researched the issue prior to their launch in 2014 but in the last 6 weeks the New Zealand based company has… Read More

A Robust & Liquid Secondary market for Securities of Entrepreneurial Firms Promotes General Prosperity

One Thousand Dollars in Hundred Dollar Bills

Creating an exchange or market where smaller, entrepreneurial firms (SME’s) may efficiently and effectively see their shares trade in a public and transparent fashion is a good thing.  Giving people the opportunity to sell shares in a small company is a method of exit for… Read More

Europe Faces a Funding Gap of € 2 Trillion by 2020, Can Investment Crowdfunding Fill the Void? (Deck)

Dr Christian Katz 2

At the European Crowdfunding Convention last week in Paris, Dr. Christian Katz, CEO of Six Swiss Exchange, gave a presentation on the profound funding needs for the European economy.  The Six Swiss Exchange is the primary exchange in Switzerland.  It was the very first stock exchange… Read More

OTC Markets: Roadmap to a Venture Exchange

OTC Markets Venture Exchange

With all of the talk around venture exchanges and the much needed secondary market for private companies, one company has gone a long way in providing such liquidity for smaller, growth and other companies that do not fit the mold of a national securities exchange…. Read More

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