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VPC Specialty Lending Investments Annual Results Continues to Disappoint

VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC (LSE:VSL.L) released 2016 annual results last week and according to Chairman Andrew Adcock, results continue to disappoint. Shares in the fund that invests in various online lending assets continue to trade at a significant discount to the net asset value per share. As… Read More

VPC Specialty Lending Investments Updates on Challenging Conditions

As part of their Q3 review, VPC Specialty Lending Investments (LSE:VSL) announced it was shifting away from purchasing whole loans to balance sheet investments in the online lending sector.  VPC said continued softness in certain whole loans in their portfolio were offset by a one… Read More

VPC Specialty Lending Declares Dividend

VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC has declared an interim dividend of 1.50 pence per share for the three month period to 31 March 2016, including 0.19p contributed from the Company’s other distributable reserves. The dividend will be paid on 30 June 2016 to shareholders on… Read More

VPC Specialty Lending Updates on Q1 Performance

VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC reported that during the first quarter of 2016, the Company’s returns have been “somewhat muted” despite credit performance of the portfolio as a whole continuing to meet VPC’s expectations. VPC stated the lower returns were due to various factors that… Read More

VPC Specialty Lending Investments Declares Dividend. Announces Share Conversion

VPC Specialty Lending Investments (LSE tickers: VSL and VSLC) has declared an “interim” dividend of 2.0 pence per ordinary share for the quarter ending December 21, 2015.  VPC also declared a 1.07 pence per share dividend for C shares for the period from October 2nd to… Read More

VPC Specialty Lending Posts Update on Shares

VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC (LSE:VSL) states it continues to execute on its investment objectives and delivered NAV returns of 0.69% on the ordinary shares and 1.49% on the C shares for the month of November. Additionally, on 12 November 2015, the Company declared an… Read More

Zencap Gets Big Boost with €230 Million Investment from Victory Park Capital

Victory Park Capital (VPC) announced today it is investing up to €230 million in loans originated on the Zencap platform over a 3 year period.  German publication Handelsblatt called the investment “a record deal for a German startup” and “the most ever for a continental… Read More

Brief: VPC Invests in Chicago based FinTech Company Avant

VPC Specialty Lending Investments has invested $11.7 million by way of a balance sheet loan in Avant a Chicago based company that offers consumer credit. VPC will now have committed more than 37% of the net IPO proceeds. Victory Park Capital Advisors, VPC’s investment manager,… Read More

VPC Specialty Lending Investments Successfully Lists on London Stock Exchange

VPC Specialty  Lending Investments PLC has successfully listed shares on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) on the “premium listing segment of the Official List.  VPC will trade on the LSE under ticker symbol VSL.  VPC was created by asset manager Victory Park Capital, a firm… Read More

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