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Indiegogo Funded “Con Man” to Release New Mobile Game

On Thursday, the creators of the Indiegogo success, Con Man, will be releasing the web series new mobile game. This debut comes just a month after Alan Tudyk, and Nathan Fillion revealed they might consider doing a movie on the series within the series, Spectrum.  In 2015, Fillion and… Read More

Indiegogo Success “Con Man” Heading to New Video Streaming Platform Comic-Con HQ This Summer

On Friday, motion picture production and distribution giant, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), announced that the super popular web series Con-Man is heading to new video streaming platform, Comic-Con HQ, this summer. Last year, Firefly duo, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk took to Indiegogo with a mission to raise funds for the web… Read More

Nintendo Reportedly Pulls the Plug on Unlicensed “Zelda” Web Series Kickstarter Project

Last week, a Kickstarter by Salt Lake City’s independent studio, Aeipathy Industries, was launched for a Zelda web series, Zeldamotion. This YouTube sensation’s story reads: “The land of Hyrule has been overtaken by the cunning wizard Agahnim, who is sacrificing the descendants of the seven sages in… Read More

Penny Arcade Seeks Funds on Kickstarter to Make “Automata” into a Web Series

This week, Seattle-based Penny Arcade hit crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with a mission to raise $322,637 so that it can turn its comic Automata into an actual live action web series. Penny Arcade shared: “Six years ago, we release this comic. Since then, it’s spawned two addition mini-series (Blood &… Read More

Brief: Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion Unveils First Teaser For Con Man (Video)

Just 10 days ago, Firefly co-stars Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion took to crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo, to raise $400,000 for their new web series, Con Man. Since its launch, the project has not only surpassed its initial goal, it has also reached well over $2.2 million thanks to nearly… Read More

Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk Talk Crowdfunding & Con Man With CBS

With their Con Man crowdfunding campaign continuing to be super successful on Indiegogo, former Firefly co-stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk sat down with CBS to share details about their new web series. As previously reported, show’s creator, writer, and director Tudyk shared: “It’s about the convention world. My character, Wray… Read More

Update: Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion’s “Con Man” Captures Over $1.1 Million in Two Days on Indiegogo

The fans have spoken, and they want more of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion! The former FireFly co-stars have taken crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo, by force this week with their new web series, Con Man. Originally seeking only $425,000, the acting duo have quickly surpassed the initial goal… Read More

“Firefly” Stars Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk Team Up to Launch Indiegogo Campaign For New Web Series Con Man

Seeking to bring their new project to life, Firefly duo, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk has hit global crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo to raise $425,000 for Con Man. Sharing details about the web series, show’s creator, writer, and director Tudyk told Entertainment Weekly: “It’s about the convention world. My character, Wray Nerely,… Read More

Fan-based Webseries Star Trek Continues Debuts Second “Kirkstarter” For New Episodes

Earlier this week, fan-based, non-profit production Star Trek Continues launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for more episodes of its popular webseries. Sharing details about the production, the Star Trek Continues team wrote, “Our first episode, Pilgrim of Eternity, premiered in May 2013… Read More

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