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Hong Kong Startups Seek To Tap Asian Crowdfunding Market

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Crowdfunding has yet to take off in Asia like it has in the US, Europe and Australia. Having said that, two recent pieces of news involving Hong Kong-based crowdfunding platforms suggest that entrepreneurs are increasing their efforts at mobilizing capital in Asia via crowdfunding. These sites join other platforms from HK including GingCreative and AppsFunder. GrowVC… Read More

Hong Kong students crowdfunding anti-mainlander advertisements

Anti Mainland Advertisement being Crowdfunded

A group of Hong Kong students are raising money online to run full-page adverts opposing the “mainlandisation of HK universities”, according to their Facebook page. The campaign comes just over a year after the Apple Daily ran a full-page advert attacking mainland “locusts” for swarming the city and draining its resources. The HK$100,000 advert was… Read More

New crowdfunding platform for films and creative arts


Fund management company Starting Blocks Media Ventures will launch a new crowd funding model, Catapooolt, dedicated to creative projects including movies, music and other performing arts. Catapooolt will be launched during the Hong Kong Asia Film Festival later this month. The company has join hands with the event as the official Crowdfunding Partner for Hong… Read More


Prisonhood Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Independent game developer Fei Hu Interactive has launched a crowdfunding project with Indiegogo. The project was established to help secure funds to aid the ongoing development and maintenance of the game PRISONHOOD.  With only 4 weeks to secure funding, a positive result will enable the team to extend PRISONHOOD to users of Android devices and Facebook worldwide as… Read More

Crowdfunding gives city’s worthy causes a chance


Feel like bankrolling an independent movie? What about an artist who makes treasures out of trash? Perhaps you’d rather support one young woman’s dream of representing Hong Kong as an equestrian show jumper at the Asian Games. Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs and creative types have a new way of getting funding for their projects. The recently… Read More

A crowd-funding site for designers in Asia

Designs by Jinruei Fan listed on ZaoZao

HONG KONG — Jinruei Fan, a young Taiwan-based fashion designer, was one of the first people to list several products on ZaoZao.com, a brand new crowd-funding site created for designers in Asia. After three days, a flowy shirt that features twisted fabric and detailed pleating was fully funded, which meant Fan could start production and… Read More