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DreamFunded’s Co-Founder Manny Fernandez: Catching Up with SF’s Guardian Angel

DreamFunded: A Crowdfunding Platform “Built by Angels for Angels” Manny Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of equity crowdfunding platform DreamFunded and SF Angels Group founder, has enjoyed quite a summer:  Fernandez recently was awarded “SF Angel Investor of the Year” by Startups Showcase and his recently… Read More

Backer: A Crowdfunding Platform For Software Features From The Makers Of App.net

Earlier this week we reported on a crowdfunding campaign launched by Balanced. It’s interesting in that it seeks to fund a new feature for Balanced’s ever-evolving online payments platform. In this case – and despite the fact that this is still a rewards-based campaign –… Read More

Venture Capital: Pennies from heaven

A SUCCESSFUL internet entrepreneur sets up his own incubator, offering convertible debt to a handful of aspiring imitators. So far, the script resembles many that play out in Silicon Valley and the like. But at $37, the funds dished out by Pinboard Investment Co-Prosperity Cloud are not quite… Read More

App.net is funded, but will it find success?

Social media startup App.net recently met it’s $500,000 funding goal via an in-house crowdfunding portal.  Founder Dalton Caldwell and his team of developers hope to provide an alternative for social media users who have become disenchanted with the current platforms and their laser focus on… Read More

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