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Hackster & Dragon Innovation Form Partnership

In a letter published on the Hackster site, management announced their new relationship with hardware creation helper Dragon Innovation; We recently learned that thousands of people on Hackster are interested in building commercial products. Naturally we decided to do something about it. We are thrilled… Read More

The Collapse of Kreyos and How Not to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign

This one is almost too painful to write.  As many people know the Kreyos Smartwatch was one of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns of all time.  It is also probably one of the most spectacular crowdfunding failures ever.  Trust me – this one is… Read More

DreamFunded’s Co-Founder Manny Fernandez: Catching Up with SF’s Guardian Angel

DreamFunded: A Crowdfunding Platform “Built by Angels for Angels” Manny Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of equity crowdfunding platform DreamFunded and SF Angels Group founder, has enjoyed quite a summer:  Fernandez recently was awarded “SF Angel Investor of the Year” by Startups Showcase and his recently… Read More

Updated: Coolest Cooler – The Most Funded Project Ever on Kickstarter

With over 2 days remaining in the 57 day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Coolest Cooler topped Pebble Watch to become the most funded project on Kickstarter ever.  It has taken over two years for Pebble to be topped but it was inevitable that a project… Read More

Dragon Innovation Crowdfunding for Hardware Goes Live

Hardware Platform Simultaneously Announces Partnerships with GE, Arrow Electronics and Freescale. In an email to supporters Dragon Innovation announced their platform had gone live along with several new hardware projects on its site. Dragon shared their pending site launch just last month as they revealed investments from… Read More

Ubuntu Edge Surpasses Pebble Watch’s Total, Still Has A Long Way To Go

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone has surpassed the Pebble Watch‘s rewards-based crowdfunding record of $10,266,845. However, unless Canonical can find $22 million more in funding it may end up being all for naught. The campaign for the Edge is a fixed funding campaign, which means that… Read More

Pebble Celebrates an Amazing Year

The Pebble smart watch was born of Kickstarter to raise the most funds to date on the rewards based crowdfunding platform. It has been only one year since headlines were made about this crowdfunding project – but what a year. Recently the team behind the Pebble… Read More

Pebble: A Wristwatch Tells When Phone Calls, Emails Arrive

Do you ever find yourself frantically trying to fish your phone out of a pocket or purse to find out whether that beep or buzz from the device is an important call, text or email—or just something you can ignore? What if you could simply… Read More

SlashGear: Pebble Smartwatch Review

Pebble stole Kickstarter’s heart, eclipsed companies hundreds of times its size at CES, and got many people reconsidering the role of the wristwatch in today’s smartphone-saturated world: not bad for a startup already burned once from a failed smartwatch project. After taking more than $10m in… Read More

Engadget: Pebble smartwatch review

The crowdfunded watch Pebble is finally making it into the hands of reviewers.  Covered extensively in the popular media the Pebble watch has come to represent for many the potential of crowdfunding. Below is an excerpt for popular tech blog Engadget. We’ve really enjoyed our… Read More

Crowdfunding the future of marketing

They had failed to get financial backing for their high-tech smart watch, so last April the developers of the Pebble decided to made the public an offer. Pre-order one of their yet-to-be-made watches for a reduced price, and be the first to get one. They… Read More

It’s Official: Pebble Is Shipping Smartwatches

Pebble watches have started to ship. From the Pebble project page on Kickstarter… Pebble will start shipping today! We’ll be sending out the first batch to the very first backers this afternoon. There are still some kinks and issues that we need to work out,… Read More

Pre-Ordered Your Pebble Watch? Get The Official Android & iOS App Before It Arrives

If you’ve pre-ordered a Pebble smartwatch, the first thing you’ll want to do when it arrives is connect it to your smartphone. After all, that’s the whole idea, right? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Pebble’s official apps for Android and iOS will be available before the device arrives… Read More

Kickstarter finally starts to takes control of its story, and the Pebble Watch ain’t in it

Kickstarter is a notoriously press-shy company. The founders, admirably, prefer the attention go to the projects fundraising on the site and wisely want to avoid the downside of the hype cycle by not encouraging said hype in the first place. But whether Kickstarter welcomed it… Read More

Kickstarter Star Pebble Watch to Ship January 23rd

Presented at CES, Pebble announced they are to begin shipping later this month on January 23rd.  Covered extensively in the press as a stand out crowdfunding success, Pebble has captured the attention and imagination of entrepreneurs and potential crowdfunders everywhere. The Kickstarter project hit an unprecedented… Read More

Pebble Kickstarter Watch Will Be At CES 2013

Pebble, the smartphone-friendly watch that raised over $10 million on Kickstarter — $500,000 in the first day alone — will be at CES 2013. The Pebble is the most successful Kickstarter project of all-time, with nearly 69,000 backers — myself included. Users were drawn to the promise of the product,… Read More

2012: The Year Crowdfunding Was Kickstarted Into The Mainstream

There we were, circled around a bachelor party campfire and drunk on keg beer, discussing the viability of using Kickstarter to fund a sex toy startup. My buddy Dan (he goes by Dangerous D at karaoke) had designed and handmade a compact speed controller for small… Read More

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