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SunFunder Says 19 Projects Fully Repaid

Renewable energy financing platform SunFunder has stated that since its launch in July of 2012 the crowdfunding site has financed $1.75 million in loans for 39 different projects.  Of those 39, 19 loans have been fully repaid for a total of $421,000. SunFunder is a… Read More

Solar Crowdfunding site SunFunder Closes on $2.5 Million Series A

Khosla Impact, Schneider Electric and Better Ventures Join in Funding Solar Impact Platform. SunFunder, an emerging market solar finance company, has completed a Series A equity round with investments from Schneider Electric, Better Ventures, and a private family foundation based in Palo Alto. This follows the first stage… Read More

SunFunder Launches 2nd Solar Empowerment Fund

Since launching in 2012, SunFunder has sought to address the needs of off-grid communities by providing finance for solar energy.  SunFunder wants to “unlock the solar revolution” in emerging markets something that benefits both the community that receives financing and the rest of the world… Read More

Solar Crowdfunding Platform SunFunder Join’s Power Africa’s Beyond the Grid

The US Government, under the aegis of the Obama administration, has formally launched Power Africa to increase energy access to those in need in sub-Saharan Africa.  SunFunder is one of the founding partners of the initiative and joins an august group that includes another solar crowdfunding platform… Read More

SunFunder Closes Funding Round Led by Khosla Impact

Khosla Impact, the personal investment vehicle of Vinod Khosla a founder of Sun Microsystems, has led an A round investment for SunFunder – a solar “impact investing” platform.  Khosla is a fund that seeks to invest in market based solutions for poverty and global development…. Read More

SunFunder Hits 1000 Investor Milestone

SunFunder, the solar crowdfunding platform for impact investing, has announced a new milestone as they  now have 1000 investors from 41 countries participating on their platform.  Over the pas 22 months, SunFunder has captured $214,000 from non-accredited investors and 9 accredited investors who have added… Read More

Brief: SunFunder Has 5th Fully Repaid Project

SunFunder, a solar crowdfunding business based in San Francisco & Tanzania, is dedicated to financing emerging market solar energy.  The platform connects social investors to solar projects that improve the lives of low income communities in developing countries around the world.  Their first projects have… Read More

SunFunder Expands into India

SunFunder, a crowdfunding platform that allows social investors to finance high impact solar projects in off-grid communities has announced their first project in India.  Previously all of their projects had taken place in Africa. In India alone 400 million people live without access to electricity…. Read More

Sunfunder Offers Revolving Impact Investment

Sunfunder, a crowdfunding platform for solar energy as an impact investment, just recently listed their 20th project.  They continue to grow and expand their offerings which are in under-developed countries in Africa.  Presently investors participate in these projects as they believe in the mission of… Read More

Sunfunder Looks to Grow Solar Partners

SunFunder, a crowdlending platform that connects investors with affordable solar technology projects in off-grid communities around the world is looking to add more solar partners in 2014. To date the crowdfunding platform has  partnered with 8 solar companies that have operations in the Philippines, Zambia,… Read More

100,000 People Have Benefited from Solar Energy via SunFunder loans.

Solar energy crowdfunding platform SunFunder estimates that as of the end of 2013 their efforts have aided over 100,000 individuals.  Over the past 18 months Sun Funder has seen $363,000 contributed to their diverse projects.   The average from each contributor stands at $244. Sun… Read More

SunFunder Offers Gift of Solar Empowerment

It appears that giving the gift of Solar is the hot gift item for this years Holiday Season.  SunFunder, which is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to lend money for solar projects in off-grid communities around the world, has created SunFunder Gifts. Their gifts… Read More

Brief: SunFunder Garners Over 200 Funders for Rent-to-Own Solar

In their second project partnering with smallsolutions, solar energy crowdfunding platform SunFunder captured 209 crowdfunders to support a rent-to-own solar project in Uganda.  This is the first time the platform has gone past the 200 individual funders for a specific project. Social enterprise organization, smallsolutions is… Read More

Sunfunder Wants to Provide Electricity to the 1.5 Billion Without

Seeks to Catalyze $1 Billion of Crowdfunded Investments in Solar by 2020. Over the next decade, SunFunder expects solar energy to leapfrog the electricity grid in developing countries much like innovation of mobile phones quickly surpassed landlines. The SunFunder crowdfunding platform is dedicated to financing… Read More

SunFunder’s First Loan for SunnyMoney Solar Project has been Repaid

Project loan 100% repaid in one year. As of Nov 1st, SunFunder’s first loan for a SunnyMoney solar project in Zambia is fully repaid.  The $10,000 loan was used to purchase and sell approximately 781 solar powered lights to families in the Chadiza district of… Read More

SunFunder Shifts to Balanced Payments for Crowdfunding Platform Transactions

Add SunFunder to the list of crowdfunding platforms using the Balanced Payments platform for their investment transactions.  SunFunder announced the shift from PayPal to the Y-Combinator backed payments and escrow platform on their site this past week. Crowdfund Insider recently covered the unique payment platform… Read More

SunFunder Successfully Funds Solar for 4500 Students in Tanzania

SunFunder, has successfully funded their single largest crowdfunded loan to date raising $25,000 for SunnyMoney’s solar schools campaign in Tanzania.  The project was dubbed Solar for 4500 students raised the money from 173 contributors.  The loan term was structured for repayment in 12 months via… Read More

To Help Light Up Africa, Many Drops in the Bucket

By visiting Web sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you can give money to any number of causes. These Web sites collect small amounts from many individuals in what is known as crowdfunding to finance everything from business start-ups to charitable causes to art projects. While online crowdfunding is… Read More

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