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Bitcoin Price Returned 3,230% Gains On Average within One Year After Each Halving – Report

On average, Bitcoin price returned 3,230% gains within one year after each halving, the team at CoinGecko noted in an extensive report. However, that is misleading moving forward, “considering Bitcoin’s novelty in its early years, lack of market maturity, and the case of diminishing returns.”… Read More

The Halving is Coming: Bitcoin May Skyrocket in the Coming Months

Later this year, sometime around mid-2024, the next Bitcoin “Halving” will take place. This is when mining rewards are slashed in half. The last Halving took place in 2020 when the number of Bitcoins gifted to validators was cut to 6.25 Bitcoin for successfully mined… Read More

Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Stocks Rebounded in 2023 Alongside BTC Price, But Other Long-Term Challenges Remain – Report

Parker Merritt and Kyle Waters from Coin Metrics have provided a close examination of the current Bitcoin mining landscape through the lens of their extensive data. Despite a flat BTC market in the back half of Q3 as spot ETF chatter quieted, hashrate continued “to… Read More

Blockchain Platform Qtum Shares Latest Community and Development Updates

The team at blockchain platform Qtum has shared important community and development updates from December 2021. Qtum writes in a blog post: “A very Happy New Year to all of you. … Now, as we [wrapped] up December, it is impossible to start with anything… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Successfully Completes its Third Halving Event

Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency’s third block reward halving was completed on May 11, 2020. The digital asset’s algorithm (and protocol) has reduced the per-block subsidy from the previous 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, an amount valued at nearly $54,000 at the time of writing…. Read More

Paul Tudor Jones Buys Bitcoin as an Inflation Hedge. Should You?

It has been widely reported that Paul Tudor Jones is buying Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation apparently picking crypto over the more plebian gold. Jones is a well-known investor and hedge fund manager Tudor Management Corporation that is worth a reported $5 billion or… Read More

Bitcoin Bull Run. Is the Halving and Massive Government Stimulus Fueling Bitcoin’s Rise?

May is here meaning spring is emerging for parts of the world. For all of the world, it also means that Bitcoin is on the cusp of the next Halving (or the Halvening). The Bitcoin Halving takes place every four years. This is when the… Read More

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