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Super Prime: CapitalRise Finances Property in Mayfair

Property funding marketplace CapitalRise has revealed a £6.5 million loan to develop the Mews House in the exclusive Mayfair neighborhood. The land is being issued in partnership with real estate debt and equity adviser Vishal Dixit, Arc & Co. The project plans to convert the existing layout… Read More

Property Investment Platform CapitalRise Adds to Executive Bench

CapitalRise, an online investment platform for prime real estate, has added to its lending and origination teams with the addition of Business Development Director Imogen Willams and the promotion of Ed Groves to Associate. CapitalRise, which recently benefited from institutional funding commitments, said the new hire… Read More

Following Bank Funding Line of £250 Million, CapitalRise Closes on £4.9 Million Property Financing

CapitalRise, a marketplace that enables smaller investors to participate in prime UK property developments, is reporting a £4.9 million loan for a Chelsea property. The financing closed in just four weeks. The funding follows the announcement that CapitalRise has received the backing of an unnamed… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Marketplace CapitalRise Boosts Funding Capacity

CapitalRise, an online investment platform focusing on Prime property in the UK, has boosted its funding ability by 50%, according to a statement issued by the firm. While not providing hard numbers, the institutional funding is from an unnamed UK investment manager and is an… Read More

Real Estate Investing: CapitalRise Tops £159 Million in Returns to Investors

CapitalRise, an online property investment platform, is reporting that it has returned over £159 million to investors since 2016. CapitalRise focuses on superprime property investments in the UK – typically central London. The £150 million hurdle was topped following a £9 million senior bridge loan… Read More

UK’s CapitalRise Obtains £250M Funding Line to Enhance Firm’s Lending Services

UK’s prime property finance company CapitalRise is reporting £250m bank funding line, as part of its approach to diversify and boost the resilience of its capital sources and facilitate lending growth. This funding line is the fifth and reportedly the largest secured by the company… Read More

UK’s Prime Property Investment Platform CapitalRise Comments on Importance of Project Monitoring Process

CapitalRise reveals that it recently passed the £300m lending milestone, against £830m of prime property assets. To sustainably maintain this growth in their loan book, they claim to “have robust monitoring processes in place.” Their own project managers reportedly work “with independent third-party professionals, such… Read More

CapitalRise Funds “Rooftop Development”

CapitalRise has provided financing for new luxury rooftop flats in Sloane Court East, Chelsea.  The loan will enable rooftop development, adding two storeys to the building which is currently six storeys high. Leading prime property finance firm CapitalRise has originated a new loan for the… Read More

CapitalRise Originates £5 Million Loan for 13,000 Sq. Ft Household

  Online real estate investment platform CapitalRise has announced the funding of a £5 million loan for the development of a 13,000 square-foot household on the private  Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water, Surrey. The loan will also fund the refinance and demolition of an existing property… Read More

CapitalRise Easily Tops £1 Million Target on Seedrs

CapitalRise, an online investment platform for prime real estate, has easily topped its initial funding goal on Seedrs. According to the offering page, CapitalRise aimed to raise £1 million. Currently, the offering is in over-funding mode, having raised £1.37 million from 232 investors. CapitalRise is… Read More

CapitalRise Funds £7.3 Million Loan in Marlow

CapitalRise, a specialist prime property finance company, has provided £7.4 million for a loan to develop two detached properties totaling 17,490 sq. ft on a private 15-acre plot of land in affluent Marlow. CapitalRise adds that the property will include leisure facilities such as a… Read More

Uma Rajah from CapitalRise Says Property Finance Industry Is Ready for Digital Disruption

As Chief Executive of property finance platform, CapitalRise, Uma Rajah says she’s  responsible for all aspects of the business: from creating their strategy, “to execution of that strategy, and all aspects of running the company – including recruitment.” Uma Rajah notes that she approaches all… Read More

Resilient: Prime Central London Property Sales Jump by 48% Since 2019

Property in London continues to be a hot asset class. In fact, according to a recent report, prime central London property sales have increased by 48% in the past three years. The information was provided by the property investment platform CapitalRise as well as Savills…. Read More

Record Week of Loans for CapitalRise, as Property Investment Platform Reports £50 Million in Lending

PropertyRise, a UK-based prime property investment platform, is reporting a record week of lending, having booked £50 million in loans. According to the company, multiple credit records were broken in October as interest in the property offerings rise. Another metric achieved during October is completing… Read More

CapitalRise Finances £8.5 Million Property Loan

CapitalRise has financed an £8.5 million loan for the acquisition and development of a detached 13,000 sq. ft house on the private Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water. CapitalRise notes that the new detached house on the plot has an estimated sales price of £16 million… Read More

UK’s CapitalRise Reports Over 250% Increase in Loans Originated YoY

Prime property finance firm CapitalRise has reached £200 million in prime property loan origination, funding developments across London and the home counties to the value of over £640 million. As noted in a blog post, CapitalRise originated £99 million of these loans in a 12-month… Read More

UK’s CapitalRise Acquires Additional Funding Line to Support Lending Business

CapitalRise has reportedly acquired another funding line, which the firm states should allow it to take on a larger number of projects based in London as well as Home Counties. The UK-based prime property lender noted that the agreement has been made with a prominent… Read More

Prime Property Investment Platform CapitalRise Appoints Simon Brown as Head of Lending

Dedicated prime property investment platform CapitalRise has reportedly appointed Simon Brown as the firm’s new Head of Lending, and Saif Khichi and Ed Groves have joined as credit analysts. In their roles at CapitalRise, Simon will be tasked with all aspects of the platform’s lending… Read More

Over £65M Returned to Investors by UK’s Prime Property Finance Platform CapitalRise

Dedicated prime property investment platform CapitalRise announced on October 19, 2021 that it has now returned £66m in capital and returns to investors, “maintaining its unblemished track record of no investment losses or investment defaults since inception.” Of the total £66 million in redemptions, over… Read More

UK’s Prime Property Finance Platform CapitalRise Makes Several Key Appointments, After Strong H1 2021 Business Growth

UK-based CapitalRise, a prime property finance platform, has announced that it made several new appointments, after recording significant growth during H1 2021. As part of a strong year, in terms of overall performance, CapitalRise has now funded prime real estate assets valued at more than… Read More

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