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UK’s Blend Network, a Development Finance Lender, Explains How AutoLend Feature Works

AutoLend is one of Blend Network’s most “popular” features. As explained by UK’s Blend Network, a specialist development finance lender, Autolend is used by many of their investors “to ensure they don’t miss the chance to lend on [their] loans.” Melissa Turnbull from Blend Network’s… Read More

UK’s Blend Network, a Specialist Development Finance Lender, Expands Regional Presence

Following a £10 million equity funding round late last year and a period of “rapid expansion” at Blend Network, the team is now expanding their UK local and regional footprint “with the opening of a number of satellite offices across the UK regions.” In March,… Read More

UK’s Blend Network, a Specialist Development Finance Lender, Acquires £120M Funding Line

UK’s Blend Network has reportedly acquired a £120 million funding line from a group of family offices, which the firm said it would use to scale its existing loan book. Yann Murciano, CEO at Blend Network, a specialist development finance lender, explained that obtaining the… Read More

UK’s Blend Network Shares Predictions in Development Finance Report

Blend Network recently released its first annual Predictions in Development Finance report. Set out in this report is an analysis of “the challenges and obstacles, but also the opportunities within the market,” the team at Blend Network noted in a blog psst. The development finance… Read More

UK’s Blend Network Reveals Major Deals they’ve Recently Funded

At specialist development finance lender, Blend Network, the team prides itself on being by their client’s side, assisting them with borrowing funds for their initiatives. Even at the heights of the COVID-19 crisis, the team reports that they continued lending and deploying capital into projects… Read More

Fintech Platform Financing Is Growing Fast, According to Roxana Mohammadian-Molina from Blend Network

Digital transformation has worked its way through the bedrock of many industries, from Netflix’s transformation of cable and blockbuster video to Uber’s considerable influence over the ways we access transportation services. Meanwhile, the property market has remained “relatively immune” to such changes. However, Roxana Mohammadian-Molina,… Read More

Aaron Cummings from UK’s LendInvest, a Property Finance focused Fintech, Reveals how to Effectively Manage Portfolios

Aaron Cummings, Portfolio Manager at LendInvest, a leading UK based Fintech firm focused on the property finance sector, recently commented on his role, which is to deliver on development loans. Cummings also offered insights regarding what good portfolio management is all about. Cummings, who reportedly… Read More

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