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Online Gaming: Fragnova Shows “Positive Side” of Web3 Tech with its First Game

Fragnova recently announced that Ambal Duels, a “free-to-play” strategy card game, will be the “first” blockchain-enabled game to be “built using the platform’s unique game development engine, Claymore.” Using blockchain technology means the game will “have immutable assets and modding functionalities, allowing the community to… Read More

Bears vs Babies Creators Announces Shipping Confirmation Update (Infographic)

Earlier this month, creators of the hit Kickstarter-funded card game project, Bears vs. Babies, Elan Lee and Matthew Inman, announced shipping confirmation details. The duo revealed that the game copies are almost ready. Bears vs. Babies is described as a card game with one goal: for… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter-Success “Town of Salem” to Finally Begin Shipping Card Games to U.S. Backers At the End of March

Following a series of unexpected delays, Blank Media Games, the creators of the Kickstarter-funded card game, Town of Salem, announced it will be shipping the highly anticipated card game to U.S. backers in two weeks. Town of Salem is described as a game of murder, mayhem,… Read More

“Bears vs Babies” Kickstarter Success Continues: Hits $1.8M in Under Two Weeks

Elan Lee and Matthew Inman’s latest creation, Bears vs Babies, continues to attract backers to its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The initiative was launched earlier this month by the duo, seeking only $10,000. Within a matter of days, the project successfully secured $1 million. Now the project… Read More

Update: Cyanide & Happiness Begins Shipping Process For Kickstarter-Funded Project “Joking Hazard”

Last week, Cyanide & Happiness announced it was starting to ship its Kickstarter-funded  card game, Joking Hazard. The popular webcomic launched its campaign on the crowdfunding giant’s platform earlier this year and raised a grand total of $3,246,588 from 63,758 backers. This made Joking Hazard the… Read More

Creator of The Awkward Yeti Hits Kickstarter For Card Game “OrganATTACK” & Scores Over $280,000 First Week

Nick Seluk, the cartoonist behind the multiple series, The Awkward Yeti, launched a Kickstarter earlier this month for his new card game, OrganATTACK. Originally seeking only $12,000, the project quick smashed its initial goal and is currently nearly $285,000 thanks to over 6,700 backers. OrganATTACK… Read More

Kickstarter’s “Exploding Kittens” Now Available on Amazon

Just a few weeks after delivering Exploding Kittens to Kickstarter backers, creators Elan Lee, Matthew Inman, and Shane Small have unleashed the highly anticipated Russian Roulette game on Amazon. Exploding Kittens is described as a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. Players take turns drawing cards until someone… Read More

Creators of Exploding Kittens Seeks Testers to Try Out the Kickstarter Success Russian Roulette Card Game

While most backers have to wait in anticipation for their Kickstarter-backed card game, Exploding Kittens, its creators, The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman along with Xbox’s Elan Lee and Shane Small, have decided to give fans of the already popular game a chance to try it out and offer… Read More

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