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Fresh2O Seeks To Raise £50K via CrowdMission

Hoping to raise capital through equity crowdfunding, Fresh2O is seeking  £50,000 for its clean water campaign.  Founded by Oscar award-winning photographer Candice Farmer, the company sells and distributes a range of water filters with an aim to “reduce poverty, improved health and prevent death by… Read More

CrowdBoxTV Features “Live” UK Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

The first live equity crowdfunding pitch by CrowdBoxTV will hit British broadcasting this weekend.  On Sky 192, this Sunday at 5PM GMT CrowdBoxTV  will feature online retailer Big Blue Cuddle who is seeking to raise £65,000 in return for 13% equity in order to grow the… Read More

Brief: CrowdMission Shares Launch Update After First Month

In a note to followers, founder Karen Darby shared a brief update on the progress of CrowdMission,  “the world’s first equity-based crowdfunding platform for social and environmental businesses”.   Her mantra is that businesses can do social good while turning a profit. Equity investment and ethics can… Read More

CrowdConsent Aims to Solve FCA Crowdfunding Regulation Requirements

With the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) consultation period scheduled to end shortly, CrowdConsent is announcing a simple technology solution to address current proposals to regulate both equity and debt based crowdfunding. The CrowdConsent service allows platforms to demonstrate that they have obtained the informed consent… Read More

CrowdMission is on a Quest to Crowdfund Social Business

Founder warns FCA Over Regulation May Stifle Potential of Crowdfunding. Entrepreneur Karen Darby has launched a crowdfunding site to fund social, environmental and health-related businesses.  CrowdMission will challenge banks and venture capitalists and put investment opportunities in the hands of ordinary people. “CrowdMission is all about… Read More

UK Crowdfunding Industry Launches Self Regulatory Organization

The United Kingdom’s leading crowdfunding companies have  launched a trade body, the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA), aimed at providing clarity and consumer protection and for the whole industry. Crowdfunding in the UK has experienced massive growth over recent years. Operators provide a much-needed alternative source of… Read More

Open Letter from the Peer‐to‐Peer Finance Industry to EU and UK Policy‐makers

See the entire letter submitted to Policy Makers from the recent Peer to Peer Finance industry summit held in the UK earlier this month.  Supporters include a wide range of crowdfunding industry participants. [scribd id=116841493 key=key-1qqbc1h72zp82zdy0ukj mode=scroll]

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