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Spain Updates Crowdfunding Regulations, Crowdcube Spain Shares Perspective

Crowdfunding has bee legal in Spain for some time now but the first run at creating a viable regulatory regime endured several challenges.  Regulations published in february 2014 were broadly criticized for being overly restrictive and the new rules are being described as an improvement having eliminated several restrictions… Read More

Crowdcube Spain Has Now Raised Over € 1 Million for SMEs

Launched last summer, Crowdcube Spain has surpassed € 1 million raised for small companies hitting a milestone for the young company.  To date 6 companies have successfully raised funds on the site. One of the companies raising capital on Crowdcube was HEMAV, a Barcelona based… Read More

Crowdcube Spain Breaks National Crowdfunding Record with HEMAV

Crowdcube  Spain shares they have broken the Spanish equity crowdfunding record in raising €450,000 for Barcelona drop company HEMAV.  The funding round closed in 6 days with the backing of 73 investors.  HEMAV added four new board members including Lluis Font the co-founder of Zyncro and… Read More

Spain Does About Face on Investor Limits for Crowdfunding Platforms

The Spanish government has admitted their mistake in capping amounts investors may contribute to crowdfunding campaigns.  The law originally place a  € 3000 limit per project or a  €6000 limit per year for all investors.  Now “professional” or accredited investors with an annual income of  €100,000 or more… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Robotics with mOwayduino, Open Wheel Car Racing, Forge of Honor, Chatty Kidz

Another week of discovery in our Crowdfund Insider mailbox.  Most of the time the media covers only high profile campaigns.  Sure we cover them too, but we recognize there are hundreds of campaigns which have enormous potential which get passed by for coverage.  Most people… Read More

Five new bands from Galicia bet on Crowdfunding to launch their albums (Spain)

(Staff Translation) The band “The body of the Lito” is kicking off its campaign tomorrow to seek support for its first record, counting on the collaboration of Manuel Manquiña (a Spanish actor from Galicia). Five new bands are asking for public support to produce their… Read More

Creative Industries in Spain Turn to Crowdfunding

As confidence in banks and the economy by Spanish residents continues to plummet industries within the creative space are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional financing to provide much needed investment in projects.  Small businesses have woken up to the bleak reality in which they can… Read More

Crowdfunding arrives in Segovia (Spain)

(Staff Translation) Five Young entrepreneurs move forward with a Segovian Soccer Club radio and televisión project. Internet Internet Micro-sponsorship, better known as Crowdfunding is coming to Segovia thanks to five young entrepreneurs, creators of the televisión channel RTV Gimnástica Segoviana. Teresa, Marcos, Carlos, Óscar and Álex… Read More

Spain: The first fashion focused Crowdfunding Platform is being launched

(Staff Translation) Crowdfunding has reached fashion in Spain. The industry branch of textile design, like other branches is suffering from the draught raiding traditional channels of financing. Within this context, Fanstyler is becoming the first  micro-financing platform in Spain with an exclusive focus on these… Read More

Portal Focus: Spanish Crowdfunding site Goteo

Crowdfund Insider recently spoke to Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Projects Coordinator & Community Manager at Goteo.  Goteo is a successful crowdfunding site based in Spain which is managed by a non profit organization – Fundacion Fuentes Abiertas (Open Source Foundation).  Their source code is readily available on GitHub.  Goteo… Read More

5 reasons to seek Crowdfunding to launch your start-up

(Staff Translation) I have specialized in the new financing solutions and donations. Within this context, last year, alongside the Spanish production crew “Riot Cinema Collective” I participated in the making of the science fiction movie El Cosmonauta. Before this, I never gaged the similarities that… Read More

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