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Ivee Gains Traction on Crowdfunder: AI, IoT, Speech Recognition Home Automation Quickly Exceeds 33% Goal

Technology that listens!  Life with ivee agrees with enthusiastic Crowdfunder investors and kickstarter backers: the AI, IoT, Speech Recognition Home Automation Control Platform campaign has raised over $165K since opening on 1 December. After viewing the campaign video and hearing ivee pleasantly rattle off the temp, traffic,… Read More

LeVar Burton Reflects on Reading Rainbow Crowdfunding Success (Video)

Just a few weeks following the closing of his “Reading Rainbow” campaign on Kickstarter, former host of the PBS children’s series LeVar Burton discusses his initial reaction to the project’s launch and success on the crowdfunding platform. Over 105,000 backers pledges a total of $5.4… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 11, 2013

PCMag | Can Crowdfunding Give the Private Space Race a Boost? PCMag takes a look at the private space race in the context of a company called the LiftPort Group. LiftPort raised over $110,000 on Kickstarter to build a prototype with an eye toward building… Read More

Was The Kickstarter Documentary A Copycat? Filmmaker Claiming Original Plans Doc Of His Own

This release was submitted to Crowdfund Insider and republished in its entirety. Scott Conditt is an Arizona-based filmmaker launching a documentary about Kickstarter project creators. A project titled “Kickstarted: Documenting the Crowdfunding Revolution” recently received funding through the premiere crowd-funding entity itself, Kickstarter.com. Indie-film and crowd-funding enthusiast… Read More

UPDATED: Kickstarted Documentary Meets Funding Goal

UPDATE: Funding successful! The documentary was fully funded overnight and the project is a go. Kickstarted, the Kickstarter documentary crowdfunding on Kickstarter, is teetering on the edge of missing a funding goal with less than 24 hours left in the campaign. We first reported on… Read More

WATCH: Kickstarter Fraud Foiled By Kickstarted Documentary Team

The team behind the crowdfunding campaign for the Kickstarted documentary may have helped catch the largest Kickstarter fraud in history just in the nick of time, and literally quite by accident. Correction: Maybe not THE largest… The team explains in a recent blog post… A… Read More

WATCH: The 5 Most Controversial Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarted, the crowdfunding documentary currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, has released a video on YouTube running down the top 5 most controversial crowdfunding campaigns. Can you guess which campaign is number one? Kickstarted has raised just $21,000 of an $85,000 goal to date with a little… Read More

Documentary Crowdfunding on Kickstarter Features Crowdfunding Revolution

Just launched on Kickstarter is a crowdfunding project for a documentary film entitled “Kickstarted“.   In a poetic fashion the film is chronicling the meteoric rise of crowdfunding and the revolutionary change this innovation is bringing to entrepreneurs everywhere.  Organized by filmakers Jason Cooper and… Read More

Kickstarted: Documentary Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Kickstarted is the first documentary feature about the crowdfunding revolution that tells the inspiring and dramatic stories of the artists, makers and entrepreneurs who are harnessing the crowd to achieve the impossible. Jason Cooper and Jay Armitage have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their documentary about… Read More

WATCH – Zach Braff’s Most Revealing Interview Yet

Zach Braff took an opportunity to address his critics and wax poetic on the larger crowdfunding space during a 17 minute interview with the team behind Kickstarted. Kickstarted is a documentary on crowdfunding currently being prepared for a Kickstarter campaign itself. Of note is Braff’s… Read More

Why crowdfunding could disrupt how solar power is created

If you’re an avid Kickstarter backer, or even have seen Kickstarter’s latest 2012 stats, then you’re well-versed in the power of crowd-funding. Kickstarter recently said that 10 percent of the films at Sundance are Kickstarter-funded, and in 2012 over 2 million people pledged close to $320 million to… Read More

Avoid These Common Kickstarter Pitfalls

Over the past three years, I’ve spent a good deal of money on Kickstarter projects — mostly (but not exclusively) board games. I’ve grown pretty accustomed to getting updates about delays in delivering the rewards. For me, as a blogger and reviewer, I’m constantly receiving something in… Read More

Mark Cuban: Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter Should Be A Requirment

Mark Cuban speaking on the NextMarket podcast declares that Crowdfunding site Kickstarter should be a requirement for every start up; “Kickstarter should be a requirement for every startup. It’s a way for you create demand and sell the product without giving up any equity. That is… Read More

Crowdfunding Nervousness

Earlier this week, I launched a project on the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. I’ve never done anything like it before, so I was understandably nervous. Crowd funding means that the online community financially support a project to get it up and running. If I don’t… Read More

Serious Entrepreneurs Master Media Training Early

Not so long ago, training to meet the press and television reporters was a realm reserved for top business executives only. Now, even the earliest stage startup can rise to visibility or be forever lost by their first media spotlight, so it behooves us all… Read More

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