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Rob Ford’s Rough Go With Crowdfunding Continues: A Billboard On Rabble

Embattled Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford’s relationship status with crowdfunding? It’s complicated. You may remember from last year that Gawker editor John Cook spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign – affectionately called “Crackstarter” – that aimed to crowdfund the money necessary to purchase a video allegedly showing… Read More

Gawker Divvies Crackstarter Cash Among Four Organizations

John Cook has just published an update on Gawker outlining where the approximately $185,000 from the Rob Ford Crackstarter campaign will go. The money will be split evenly with each organization netting $46,195.65. The four beneficiaries: The Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke The Somali Canadian Association of… Read More

Rob Ford Gets His Own Crackstarter Video Game, “Stay Mayor”

Oh, to be Rob Ford. The now-infamous Indiegogo Crackstarter campaign has provided the inspiration behind a new Android game called “Stay Mayor”. Players try to navigate a crazy world of paparazzi, crack pipes and money in order to get $300,000 and buy the video from… Read More

Gawker Seeks Use For Crackstarter Money

Gawker Media and reporter John Cook raised just over $200,000 on Indiegogo for their “Crackstarter” campaign. The goal was to buy a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. Now John Cook has announced that the likelihood of actually acquiring said video is low… Read More

WATCH: The 5 Most Controversial Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarted, the crowdfunding documentary currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, has released a video on YouTube running down the top 5 most controversial crowdfunding campaigns. Can you guess which campaign is number one? Kickstarted has raised just $21,000 of an $85,000 goal to date with a little… Read More

Rob Ford + Crackstarter Crowdfunding Campaign = Beyond Fiction

Tenacious Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Continues with his political responsibilities while staff resigns and no signs of alleged video. In an almost surreal odyssey of political suspense, Rob Ford and the Gawker crowdfunding campaign to “purchase” a video continues into a dark spiral while the… Read More

Did ‘crowdperking’ save the Crackstarter?

When Gawker’s Crackstarter reached its goal of $200,000 Monday afternoon, a handful of Canadians could plausibly claim to have been instrumental in getting it there. Donations to the crowdfunding campaign had slowed to a mere trickle after Gawker editor John Cook revealed he was no longer in touch with… Read More

Crackstarter on Indiegogo Hits Target of $200,000

      Gawker’s “Crackstarter” crowdfunding campaign to purchase a video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack has barely surpassed the goal of raising $200,000.  The final tally ended at $201,254.00 just as Gawker was warning potential contributors they may not be able… Read More

Gawker “Crackstarter” Indiegogo Campaign is Uncertain

In a post by Gawker Journo John Cook, Gawker acknowledged some challenges in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in obtaining the alleged video of the Toronto Mayor smoking crack. Recognizing that working with individuals who deal, sell or smoke crack are not necessarily the most reputable… Read More

Kate Heartfield: Toronto’s future is being held for ransom

When I went to journalism school at the turn of this century, none of my professors thought to include a seminar on the ethics of Crackstarters. We had seminars on the ethics of almost any other challenge we might encounter. But nobody predicted a time… Read More

Crackstarter Campaign Surpasses $100K

  More than 4000 donors have participated in the Gawker organized crowdfunding campaign which they have affectionally labeled “Crackstarter“.  Over $100,000 had been raised towards their $200,000 to purchase the video which has been said to potray Mr. Ford in an unflattering fashion.  Rob Ford recently… Read More

Toronto Mayor Videotaped Smoking Crack? Gawker Raises Ethical Questions With Indiegogo Campaign

Gawker Media has raised some eyebrows with a crowdfunding campaign they launched this afternoon on Indiegogo. The campaign is in an effort to secure the rights to a video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack. Can’t make this up. For those who aren’t… Read More

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