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Nesta: Alternative Finance More than Doubles for 2014

Nesta, a  UK based innovation charity and staunch proponent of entrepreneurship and creativity, has published an update on the alternative finance industry in the United Kingdom.  The report is a joint effort between Nesta and the University of Cambridge.  The report notes this new financial… Read More

Nesta: UK Crowdfunding Platforms Up by 50% in 2013

Nesta Estimates 87 Crowdfunding Platforms Live in the United Kingdom today. According to London based charity / research entity Nesta, the number of crowdfunding platforms operating in the UK rose by over 50% in 2013 according to their research.  Nesta releases these figures as its… Read More

Crowdfunding Innovators Gather in Scotland

Crowdfunding innovators are gathering today in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Innovation Foundation event to share their insight into how Scotland may maximize the potential of this new form of finance.  Crowdfunding is booming in the UK and around the world.  In 2013 over £200 million… Read More

Nesta Publishes Report on UK Alternative Finance, Crowdfunding

UK Alternative Finance Said to Hit £1.6 Billion in 2014. Nesta, a UK based charity which strives to support the best and brightest ideas by providing grants and doing research, has published a report on the “Rise of Future Finance”.  This is a first ever… Read More

New Academic Study Seeks Input From UK Crowdfunding Platforms

The University of California, Berkeley, Nesta and the University of Cambridge have teamed up and plan to execute a benchmarking survey to capture the size, transaction volume and growth of the alternative finance market in the UK. The team behind the upcoming report is asking… Read More

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