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Med-X Enters Into Merger & Acquisition Agreement With Pacific Shore Holdings

Med-X, Inc. (Med-X) and Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSH) announced on Friday they have entered into a definitive merger and acquisition agreement.  According to the Agreement, Med-X, an ancillary cannabis company and a leader in cannabis media and cultivation services arena, will combine with PSH,… Read More

Round 2: Med-X Returns to StartEngine to Crowdfund Using Reg A+

Med-X, a Cannabis related business, has returned to StartEngine with a crowdfunding offer using Reg A+. Med-X was previously listed on StartEngine in 2016 but the offer was pulled from the crowdfunding platform when the company failed to file necessary documents with the Securities and… Read More

Med-X in Hearing Before Administrative Judge this Month

Med-X, a marijuana-based startup, is engaged in a public hearing this month before Administrative Law Judge Jason S. Patil. The hearings pertain to an attempt to raise capital that was described as the first ever Reg A+ investment crowdfunding round for the Cannabis industry. The proceedings are… Read More

Why I am “High” on the Prospects for SME’s in 2017

The beginning of a new year is typically accompanied by renewed hope and positive expectations. 2017 is no exception.  As a staunch advocate of promoting the interests of small business generally, and smart regulation of capital formation, in particular, 2017 stands out to me as… Read More

Med-X Files Reg D as Reg A+ Offer Unrolls

Med-X – a medical Cannabis startup,  listed a Regulation A+ offer on StartEngine back in December of 2015. The securities offer was promoted as the “first ever” equity crowdfunding campaign for the Marijuana industry. Med-X registered $3.7 million in non-binding investor interest by February but… Read More

Med-X Reg A+ Offer Temporarily Suspended by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has “temporarily suspended” the Regulation A+ offer by Med-X listed on StartEngine.  Med-X is a company is an entrepreneurial cannabis startup that is seeking up to $15 million in equity. The SEC order said the Med-X’s Tier 2 Reg A+ offer,… Read More

Med-X Execs Predict: Regulation A+ to be the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Med-X declared this week that its StartEngine equity crowdfunding offer was already “full steam” ahead.  The offer is now accepting investors. Back in February, the Med-X received SEC approval to raise funding under Regulation A+. The company considers itself the first company engaged in cannabis cultivation and technologies… Read More

Cannabis Company Med-X to Sell Shares Under Reg A+ on StartEngine

  Med-X, a medical cannabis startup that has been seeking indications of investor interest on StartEngine, has received SEC approval to raise funding under Regulation A+.  The non-binding indications of interest have registered 1,176 investors for an estimated $3.7 million.  Med-X will now sell shares… Read More

Med-X, Inc. Launches First Regulation A+ Equity Crowdfunding Campaign for the Cannabis Industry

On Wednesday, online media platform Med-X, Inc. (Med-X) announced the launch of an equity crowdfunding initiative on StartEngine as the next phase in the company’s fundraising strategy. The company announced late last month that it had been qualified by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission… Read More

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