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Batu Biologics Completes Equity Crowdfunding Round With $1.3 Million in Funding

Batu Biologics, an immuno-oncology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapies, announced on Monday the closing of its Regulation 506(c) equity crowdfunding offering on EquityNet after successfully securing $1.3 Million in funding. The funding round was launched in May 2017 and was… Read More

MedTech Company Injeq Oy Attracts More Than €1.1 Million Through Invesdor Round

Injeq Oy (Ltd), a Finland-based MedTech company, has attracted more than €1.1 million from over 450 investors through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Invesdor . The company, which launched the initiative last month, sought to raise €825,000 to bring its smart Injeq IQ-Needle to the European medical device market…. Read More

Valencia Technologies Implants its 48th Blood Pressure Patient; Continues Equity Crowdfunding

The employees of Valencia Technologies Corporation announced on Monday that they have implanted their 48th patient with the company’s radically small device for the treatment of high blood pressure last month. Early results in this randomized, double-blinded, controlled trial are compelling and provide the Valencia with a high degree… Read More

British Biotech Cell Therapy Successfully Raises Nearly £690,000 For Heart Medication on Crowdcube

Cell Therapy, British biotech company co-founded by Nobel Prize winner Sir Martin Evans, announced that it has raised £689,246 through crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to help cell-based regeneration medicine for heart trauma get to the market. The project’s description reads,”Cell Therapy Limited (CTL) has developed a breakthrough… Read More

MedAware Raises $1 Million to Bring Big Data Analytics to Medical Prescription Market

MedAware, a developer of big data analytics for the medical prescription market, announced on Thursday (October 2nd) that it has completed a $1 millionSeries A financing round led by equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. Together with GE Ventures, it is the two firms’ first co-investment since entering into a strategic… Read More

Crowdfunding the Future of Medicine

  The medical achievements of the last century will be dwarfed by the achievements of this century. Advances in technology will help make the practice of medicine better, faster, (and eventually) cheaper. Patients stand to benefit the most from this, and as everyone one of… Read More

Crowdfunding Playing A Role In Effort To Develop HIV Vaccine

Every day, 4,000 people die from AIDS. 35 million people around the world are currently living with HIV. It’s one of the great tragedies of our time. Now a group of scientists have gathered under the Immunity Project in hopes of eradicating the disease by… Read More

Tulane University Partners With Microryza To Crowdfund For Medical Research

Tulane University has just announced a partnership between Tulane’s School of Medicine and crowdfunding platform Microryza. Microryza is an industry leader in crowdfunding for medical research, and the platform will be used by Tulane researchers going forward in an effort to drive funding to medical… Read More

Philips Announces Finalists For $60,000 Prize In Indiegogo Partnership

Philips has partnered with Indiegogo and Bloomberg’s The Next Big Thing Summit to launch a crowdfunding-driven contest that will reward one of five finalists with $60,000 and a mentoring session with Philips executives. The contest is called the Philips Next Big Thing Innovation Fellows Competition. The four… Read More

Indiegogo’s New Highest-Grossing Campaign: The Scanadu Scout

On June 20th I called my shot and said that the Scanadu Scout would be Indiegogo’s highest-grossing campaign ever. This after they lengthened the campaign’s timeline significantly with just such a goal in mind. Well, Scanadu has done it. The Scout is now the #1… Read More

TechCrunch TV Interviews Founder Of Medical Research Crowdfunding Platform

Molly Lindquist is the founder of a nonprofit organization and crowdfunding platform called Consano, which focuses on medical research. TechCrunch TV did an interview with Lindquist, who generated the idea after fighting breast cancer herself. It joins Watsi, Microryza and others in the medical research… Read More

When Medical Bills Pile Up, Can You Crowdfund Your Health Care?

When Mary Isham’s pancreatic cancer metastasized a year ago, she believed her only hope of survival was a cutting-edge radiation treatment offered in Europe. To help save Isham’s life, her friends turned to the Internet to get the financial support she desperately needed. When her… Read More

With Unpredictable Federal R&D Backing Can Crowdfunding Fill the Gaps?

The White House released its $3.78 trillion fiscal year 2014 budget plan this week after much political wrangling in Washington DC. Among the winners and losers science looks like it’s emerged victorious, with government-funded R&D showing 9% gains over 2012 levels. This news comes closely on the heels of… Read More

Crowdfunding Takes On Rare Diseases

For the estimated 250 million people worldwide who suffer from rare diseases, there is little hope for diagnosis or treatment. Because each individual disease impacts so few people, hardly any funding is allocated to research, leaving many without medical options. The U.S.-based non-profit organization Rare Genomics… Read More

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