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Michigan Reps Introduce Bill To Create Stock Market For Intrastate Crowdfunding Shares

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Today The Detroit News has published a short editorial in support of Michigan HB 5273 (embedded, bottom of article), a bill that seeks to cement Michigan’s recently-passed intrastate crowdfunding exemption by creating secondary markets where crowdfunded shares can be traded. The bill’s primary sponsor is a… Read More

Michigan Gets Its Own JOBS Act

The Michigan House Republicans shared this image of Governor Rick Snyder ceremonially signing Public Act 264 for 2013 establishing equity crowdfunding in Michigan. For more coverage, look to our previous articles below… Rep. Jenkins Hopes Crowdfunding Bill Will Be “A Real Win-Win For Michigan” A… Read More

BRIEF: Michigan Crowdfunding Bill Signed Into Law

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a Michigan intrastate crowdfunding bill into law according to a news release from his office on Monday. Predictions earlier this year that the bill could become law by the end of the year have come to fruition. Rep. Nancy Jenkins… Read More

Michigan Crowdfunding Bill Awaiting Governor’s Signature, State Reps Plan Outreach Campaign

Some within Michigan political circles were predicting that an intrastate crowdfunding exemption in the state of Michigan could be signed into law by the end of the year. It seems that prediction may come to fruition, as the bill has now been vetted by both… Read More

Brief: Michigan Crowdfunding Bill Unanimously Approved In Senate, Heads Back To House

Michigan entrepreneurs and crowdfunding advocates are celebrating momentous news out of the state yesterday. The Michigan intrastate crowdfunding bill championed by State Representative Nancy Jenkins had been unanimously approved in the Senate. It is now headed back to the House for final approval before it… Read More

A Michigan Perspective: Crowdfunding is Essential to Growing Business, Communities

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What would happen if we could invest in businesses in our own communities? What would happen if that entrepreneur you know could raise the capital needed to start a business from friends and neighbors and investors who are intimately familiar with the project? Michigan citizens… Read More

Watch: Rep. Jenkins Shares Update On Michigan Crowdfunding Bill

Rep. Nancy Jenkins (R-57) was one of the sponsors of a bill in Michigan aimed at creating an intrastate crowdfunding exemption, enabling Michigan businesses to raise money from non-accredited Michigan investors in equity rounds. In this short video provided by the Michigan House GOP, Rep…. Read More

Rep. Jenkins Hopes Crowdfunding Bill Will Be “A Real Win-Win For Michigan”

Adrian, Michigan is a town of approximately 22,000 people and lies on the Michigan border between Ann Arbor and Toledo, Ohio, in the heart of the rust belt. It’s a far cry from San Francisco, New York or Austin. Amy Cortese (pictured, right) visited the town… Read More

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