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French Bank Societe Generale Issues €100 million Bond as Security Token on Ethereum Blockchain

France is a country that is aggressively pursuing blockchain innovation. Crowdfund Insider’s recent coverage of Paris Blockchain Week highlighted this fact as both policymakers and innovators appear to be on the same page. Now, big banking is moving forward in the crypto space by actually… Read More

Societe Generale Launches Global Markets Incubator Dedicated to Fintechs Specializing in Market Activities

Société Générale, France’s third-largest bank, announced earlier this week the launch of its new Global Markets Incubator, which is dedicated to fintech companies that are specializing in market activities. According to the bank, through the incubator, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking (SG CIB) adopts a… Read More

Société Générale Acquires Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platform Lumo

Société Générale, France’s 3rd largest bank and global Nr. 17 announces the acquisition of Lumo, the pioneering crowdfunding platform dedicated to renewable energies Lumo is a French Fintech with strong skills in both crowdfunding and renewable energies which has dedicated itself to accelerating the energy… Read More

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