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Vincent Bradley of FlashFunders: We are Heads Down Right Now Building Momentum with Reg CF

Late last year, FlashFunders co-founder and CEO Vincent Bradley stated in an interview; “The recent passing of Title III is a clear sign that the SEC believes this industry is a viable solution for companies to raise capital. By creating further regulatory processes in regards to… Read More

FlashFunders Claims First Close Under Reg CF with MobileSpike

MobileSpike was one of the very first companies to offer securities under Reg CF when it became actionable on May 16th. Now it is one of the first to close its funding round on FlashFunders. MobileSpike is a company that produces a new concept for… Read More

MobileSpike Technologies Opts for Equity Crowdfunding on FlashFunders: Eliminating the Chase

Dukes of Hazzard beware. The White Bronco? No match for the MobileSpike. MobileSpike Technologies Inc., a law enforcement technology company, launched an $1 million equity crowdfunding campaign on FlashFunders to fund the production of its patented tire-deflation-stick technology. The MobileSpike is mounted on the front of police vehicles and allows police to disable fleeing… Read More

FlashFunders CEO Vincent Bradley Discusses Title III & Platform Relaunch

With Title III regulations of the Jobs Act now in affect, FlashFunders saw the opportunity and officially relaunched as an equity crowdfunding platform. Now startups can now raise capital from the crowd, accredited, and global investors in a single round on the platform, offering crowd investment starting at $50.  The… Read More

FlashFunders Celebrates One Year, Partners with Raven Ventures & Secures $10 Million in Startup Seed Round Funding

FlashFunders announced on its one-year anniversary that it has successfully funded over ten million dollars in startup seed rounds. In addition to this investments milestone, FlashFunders will partner with Raven Ventures to ensure that featured offerings are provided access to an extensive global network of accredited investors. Raven… Read More

As The Number Of Platforms Decreases, The True Leaders Will Rise: Q&A With Vincent Bradley, CEO Of FlashFunders

  For a company that launched less than a year ago, FlashFunders has made its presence known as one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms allowing startups to manage and execute their whole seed funding round online. The company is also one of the first broker-dealers approved by… Read More

The Influential Network’s Ryan Detert & FlashFunders’ Vincent Bradley Talk Equity Crowdfunding Success

Last fall I interviewed FlashFunders Co-Founder Vincent Bradley to learn more about his newly launched, no-fee equity funding platform.  In the months following, Bradley and his team have stewarded startups and streamlined their process. The platform recently reached a major milestone: closing a major round… Read More

FlashFunders Co-Founder Vincent Bradley Discusses His Newly Launched, No-Fee Equity Funding Platform

FlashFunders is the first no-cost equity funding platform open for small businesses and tech entrepreneurs.  “This is not the Silicon Vally model leveraging technology for business as usual,” avers FlashFunders. FlashFunders Co-Founder Vincent Bradley aims to take advantage of the recent changes in private equity funding by offering… Read More

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