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Crowdfunding Under The Next President! Will The Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Or Bernie Sanders Administrations Support Crowdfunding?

Political campaigns may have a symbiotic relationship to crowdfunding. In a sense, politicians have been crowdfunding political donations for years, even before the term was generally known. Since then, many have used actual internet-based crowdfunding campaigns in their fundraising. President Barak Obama has high hopes… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform Catapult Appoints Restore the Earth Foundation’s Janet M. Morgan as CEO

On Thursday, crowdfunding platform Catapult announced the appointment of Janet M. Morgan as its first CEO. Morgan joins Catapult during a strategic growth phase focused on scaling the organization for greater impact on gender equality. Since its launch in 2012, Catapult has mobilized funds and support… Read More

Kiva Rolls Out Lending Across US, Announces Kiva NYC

Microfinance platform Kiva announced the launch of Kiva NYC this week to provide access to capital to small business owners in New York City.  Every dollar lent to a small business owner in NYC will be matched up to $1.1 million provided by the MetLife Foundation, Deutsche… Read More

Phenomenal Woman! The Maya Angelou Documentary Crowdfunds on Kickstarter

  “This is a documentary for those who miss Dr. Maya Angelou’s voice, and for future generations who need to hear her impactful words. Help us memorialize Dr. Angelou––her work, her life, her legacy.” If readers haven’t yet had the opportunity to read Dr. Maya… Read More

Former President of the United States Bill Clinton Witnesses Gramovox’s Floating Record in Action

Building some more hype for its Kickstarter success, Floating Record, Chicago-based startup Gramovox announced that former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, had the opportunity to see the device in action. Floating Record is described as a high-performance turntable that plays records vertically through… Read More

Lending Club & Opportunity Fund Will Work Together on Community Lending

Leading peer to peer lending platform, Lending Club, has formed a partnership with the Opportunity Fund, an entity that targets community based lending.  Announced that the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI America), the agreement is designed to help provide capital for small businesses in California. Former… Read More

“The Walking Dead” Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd Launches Kickstarter For Wilma Mankiller Documentary

Setting out to create a documentary about the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller, executive producer of The Walking Dead, Gale Anne Hurd, has teamed up with director/producer Valerie Red-Horse and Valhalla Entertainment to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. According to its description, Mankiller celebrates a leader who… Read More

Sioux Tribes Announces Wind Power Initiative, Uses Crowdfunding for Funding, Awareness

Leaders from six Sioux Indian Tribes, along with former President Bill Clinton, recently announced a new wind power initiative in South Dakota.   This was announced during the  Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting — an annual event that brings together leaders from the business,… Read More

Bill Clinton Touts Potential of Crowdfunding at Creativity Conference

Speaking at an MPAA, Microsoft and Time event called the Creativity Conference Friday, former President Bill Clinton talked up crowdfunding as a potentially important avenue for filmmakers and others to “make more messages that we want to go viral.” Clinton, delivering the keynote address, singled… Read More

President Bill Clinton Helps Launch Kiva City Little Rock

President Bill Clinton helped announce the launch of Kiva City Little Rock, an initiative that expands the availability of crowdfunded microloans for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Little Rock area. The program reaches underserved borrowers by crowdfunding loans, connecting current and future… Read More

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